June 29, 2022

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Marseille soap releases coconut oil

Marseille soap releases coconut oil

(Marseille) Fer వాల్ chewall Soap Factory, the oldest soap factory in Marseille, gradually abandons coconut oil to produce 100% olive oil soaps, which the company “returns to the basics” as a carbon footprint reducing tool.

The authentic Marseille soap cube is cooked over a flame and contains only four ingredients: 72% vegetable oil, soda, sea salt and water. “Only pure olive oils, and without a mixture of fat, are subject to foreclosure fines”, citing Colbert’s edict for soap factories in 1688.

Except for that from the end of the 18th centuryE Century and the arrival of exotic oils in the port of the second largest city in France, soap makers began to use coconut oil (made from coconut but odorless) or coconut oil. Soaps are lighter, “said Stephanie Gilbad, director of marketing at Savonnery Fer A Cheval.

By 2022, the brand will convert all of its core range of products based on olive oil (green) to 100% olive, which still contains a portion of copra oil, i.e. 90 tons of olive oil. Less foreign oils are imported. Year.

This is the “return to basics” as a way to reduce your CO emissions.2, By sourcing olive-pomace oils from Spain, Morocco or Italy.Me Gilbad.

Photo by Christophe Simon, France-Press Agency

This route in 100% olive oil is the first of the last four soap factories in Marseille and Salon-de-Provence, which are still made in the flame according to the ancestral process.

Mario Pontarlo, commercial director of the New Detergents and Soap Company, explained that olive-pomace oil is a by-product of olive oil available only from large olive breeders, and not in France. Labeled as a Living Heritage Company.

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The soap factory, however, continues to use coconut or palm oil in its other ranges (beige soaps), which make up less than 20% of its sales.

The conversion to 100% olive oil was the first of the last four soap factories in Marseille and Salon-de-Provence, which still make torches according to ancestral process, the company said.

On the verge of liquidation in 2013, Nouvelle Compagnie des Detergents et du Soap de Marseille achieved a turnover of 7.8 million euros in 2020 and now has 40 employees for an annual production of 1.200 tons, including one million olive oil soaps.

Marseille Soap has not yet received the Protected Geographical Index (PGI) due to conflicts in the profession surrounding the specifications. Purists exclude any addition of perfume and may need to be cooked over a controversial flame by other producers.