March 25, 2023

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Meeting with Quebec in January: Gary Betman says he’s happy and in listening mode

Meeting with Quebec in January: Gary Betman says he's happy and in listening mode

Palm Beach | In fact a meeting between the Quebec government and Gary Betman will take place in January. The NHL’s commissioner, however, was also unclear on the content of the upcoming talks and the identity of his interlocutor.

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Betman provided an update on various topics discussed at the end of the second and final day of the Governors’ Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida.

Quebec is clearly not on the agenda, but questions about a possible meeting between the League and Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard have become inevitable after recent weeks of echoes.

Scrap per

If he had confirmed that the meeting he was told would take place, the NHL’s Bigg Boss would have looked confused, his response raising his general thoroughness and his attention to detail.

“I want to meet with the Prime Minister. I apologize to the minister if it was my fault. I do not remember the date and I do not know the details of what they want to tell me. I am always happy when a politician wants to meet me, ”Betman said today.

For his information, Minister Girard visits the League offices in New York, which have not been disclosed.

“I do not know what to expect [du gouvernement] And hence the meeting. Do not try to reduce anything. After Meeting, I will be happy to tell you what happened or what did not happen, ”he added.

Always be careful

Every time the Nordics problem comes back to the table, Gary Betman is very careful. As a fox, he became an expert without ever completely closing the door, however, fueling hope.

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“The problem is still there. Do we have a team that wants to move? This situation does not currently exist. Do we want to do another expansion? As we speak, we do not have that desire. I am going to this meeting and I am happy to hear what the Quebec government has to say to me, ”he said, without closing the door completely to future expansion.

“I am always open-minded about everything. And we have to see what comes out of it Meeting. I’m not going to speculate and I hope you do not speculate either, ”he warned.

While Betman continues to keep no team moving, new twists and turns around the late-paying $ 1.3 million order Arizona Coates are speaking in Quebec.

There are coyotes

However, Coyotes did not travel to Quebec, or to Houston, or to Timbuktu, where he assured the commissioner that he hoped the project for a new arena at Tempe would be implemented.

“Alex Merulo [le propriétaire] Resources are there and the coyotes are not going anywhere. They will not be in Glendale, but will not leave Arizona. There is no problem. It is clear that the Town of Glendale has an agenda in terms of doing business with the team. “

He said he was not surprised that the issue of the Nordics’ imaginary comeback was constantly rising in the news in Quebec.

“I know the fans in Quebec are passionate, no doubt. If we look back in time, the Nordics left because there was no hope on the new field and no one in Quebec wanted to have a team.

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“It simply came to our notice then. I listen and see what it means in the whole picture. ”

There is still uncertainty about the Beijing Games

Rob Klinkhammer had the opportunity to represent Canada at the 2018 Games in Pyongyang, South Korea due to the NHL players' inability to participate.

Photo by Archives, Ben Pelosse

Rob Klinkhammer had the opportunity to represent Canada at the 2018 Games in Pyongyang, South Korea due to the NHL players’ inability to participate.

Despite the NHL saying it wants to honor its promise to send its players to the Beijing Olympics in February, uncertainty over the effect remains high in the air.

The games file is one of the main items on the agenda for today’s governors’ meeting in Palm Beach, as well as the National League’s financial affairs.

NHL executives were never interested in suspending their season for three weeks and risking injuring their players.

COVID-19 certainly complicates matters, with China not being clearly seen as a country that respects human rights.

“All of these conditions are bothering us, but we made promises to the players during the final renewal of the collective agreement,” said Gary Betman.

“Ultimately, it’s their decision. I do not believe they will live an ideal Olympic experience in terms of control, but if they want to go we will honor our promise and they will agree to live with the consequences that no one appreciates,” the commissioner continued.

Three week quarantine?

While many hockey players are committed to the context to preserve the colors of their country, some of them seem to be changing their tack.

“Like the Players’ Association, we see some players expressing doubts,” Betman said.

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One of those concerns is that any athlete with COVID-19 will face three weeks of detention in China under those circumstances, which could detract from the image of the Olympic dream.

“We have no certainty about this effect,” said Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly.

“The Beijing Organizing Committee should provide us with a reference guide for a week or 10 days and we do not yet have the necessary information. If such actions occur, I can not believe that the players really want to participate in the games,” he continued.

Increasing revenue

When it comes to league finances, Gary Betman has not strayed from his usual optimism.

Although he noted that the epidemic had reduced revenue from US $ 2.5 billion to US $ 3 billion last season, he assured that current estimates for this season would indicate a growth of more than $ 5 billion. So the salary limit will be more or less the same, the million will increase.

“Business is going well and ours Business Came back into force, ”Betman said.

Some rumors emanating from Palm Beach suggest the commissioner may extend the order.

“I plan to stay in this position for a long time, so you’re still stuck with me,” the principal replied simply.

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