March 25, 2023

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Google destroys a huge botnet

Le botnet a impacté un million d’appareils et ses auteurs ont été attaqués en justice par Google. Jaiz Anuar, Adobe Stock

This botnet has infected millions of devices and is spreading rapidly. Google has temporarily neutralized it and decided to sue its two Russian executives.

After neutralization by Microsoft Many Malicious websites This is part of a crackdown on Chinese-backed hackers Google To make one Advertising About the withdrawal of a heavy Botnet. Called Glupteba, this sophisticated botnet specifies targets Computers Powered by Windows It specializes in self-defense using blockchain technology.

Remember a Botnet Contains a network of connected devices Internet Victims of malware that can be controlled by hackers. They use this network for malicious purposes, for example to get involved Spam Or commit their crimes without suspicion. In total, the Glupteba botnet has nearly a million devices. It is growing at the rate of several thousand new PCs per day. Its vector Pollution Especially based on distributed damaged ads By Google Ads. Its main use is to steal user credentials and data. Also used at Minaj Of cryptocurrencies.

Legal action against two operators

Google teams have succeeded in disrupting command and control infrastructure by operators. Botnet Lost control over it. Based on this, Google considers advanced architecture Blackchain Allowing its directors to gradually gain control.

The hackers are in Russia, according to experts Cyber ​​security From Google. They are two and experts identify them as Dmitry Starovikov and Alexander Filippov. The company did not stop at the technical level, the internet giant even initiated legal action against the two responsible for this network and this is the first! The complaint was filed in the Southern District of New York, USA. With this approach, Google hopes to deter botnet operators. It remains to be seen whether they will succumb to such an attack.

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