March 25, 2023

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Hope for the first messenger RNA vaccine

Hope for the first messenger RNA vaccine

The messenger RNA vaccine against AIDS is in the testing phase and has just been delivered to Macau: researchers at the American National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, which is conducting the research in partnership with the Modern Laboratory, have revealed that the first results are promising. . This technology responds to 40 years of fruitless vaccine research.

Seven macaques who received the messenger RNA vaccine against HIV / AIDS reported a 79% reduction in the risk of HIV infection.. It has previously been attributed to rats. Some side effects such as loss of appetite have been observed, but only temporarily.

Delay in virus transmission

For one year, macaques received multiple doses until the 58th week of antibody detection, the study said. From the 60th week, they were given the virus (because they could not be infected by the human version) according to their species through the fecal mucosa, they explained. Thirteen weeks later, the researchers found that only two macaques had not been infected. The other 5 have it but It took much longer for the disease to develop than those without the vaccine: 8 weeks, usually compared to 3 weeks.

Further improvements are needed, especially when setting up multiple injections can be complicated (…)


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