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Mercato LoL: Rookie Quit Invictus Gaming

Mercato LoL: Rookie Quit Invictus Gaming

After ending the 2021 season with a big setback with non-qualifying for the LPL Summer Split Playoffs, Rookie has reached free agent status. After weeks of negotiations with his club, the legendary midfielder of Invictus Gaming decided to leave the team.

Rookie Quit Invictus Gaming

December 12 2021

It is now Confirmed, The song “Rookie” Eui-jin is leaving Invictus Gaming. Officially announced as a free agent from December 4, the midfielder spent his last weeks negotiating with the IG and also considering all his options for the 2022 LPL season. With rumors circulating for a few days on his account, Rookie’s departure will not really come as a surprise; According to the latest news, the 2018 World Champion will play in the Ninjas in pajama colors next season and will include Lee “Rich” Jay-Von (top lane – former ⁠NS Red Force) and Hung “Karsa” Hao-Xuan (Jungler – Top Sport). On August 10, NiP confirmed their return to the League of Legends. For its new team project, NiP is leaving Europe for China and merging with ESV5, a Chinese company operating in the LPL League.

December 4 2021

The 2021 season and more specifically the Summer Split Invictus has become a disaster for the gaming squad. For the first time in 7 years, since 2014, the team has failed to qualify for the LPL League Playoffs, failing to qualify for the 2021 League of Legends Worlds. This iconic team that won the 2018 Worlds in particular and has one of the most legends in the Chinese scene, especially having a very complex summer season in terms of workforce. Due to COVID-19 health measures, team top planner TheShy was unable to return to his teammates for the start of the summer split; The team lost a few games during TheShy’s absence and after their return, despite some good wins, they were unable to raise the level they could not hold. At the end of the eighth week of the championship came Coupe de Grace, the defeat to IG, who had recorded one of the worst results in construction history.

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Invictus Gaming last failed to qualify for the LPL Playoffs in the Summer Split of the 2014 season; At that time the team consisting of Yongsoo, Do, illuSioN, Zz1tai, Kid and Kitties finished 6th in the regular season. A few weeks later, this poor performance led to a major change in team composition, especially in the KaKAO jungle, where Rookie was hired as coach by MaFa and PoohManDu in the middle lane. This important Under Performance team is in danger of ending a cycle in this Summer Split 2021, which has been losing ground for several seasons. Some iconic players from this formation, such as Rookie, who has been on contract since 2014, or TheShy, who has been on contract since 2017, may have the opportunity to initiate career change, which will allow them to find new players to rely on the team. .

While Invictus Gaming has been very quiet since the end of the summer split, top-planner and former league of legends world champion TheShy has revealed that his contract with the LPL team has expired. As he is currently in active negotiations with Korean competitor Invictus Gaming, contract renewal is not currently excluded, but the topplanner can certainly benefit from this situation and all of his options from his free agent status. 2022.

We now learn that the legendary midliner, song “Rookie” Eui-jin, who belongs to this Invictus gaming team, has been working as a free agent for a few hours. According to some information leaked by Inven Global, Rookie is still in talks with iG, but the Korean competitor will also explore his other options next year. Now 24, Rookie has spent most of his career playing invictus gaming; He began his career under the colors of kt rolster in 2013 and a season later he left South Korea and LCK to sign with IG. Rookie has spent the last 7 years playing for the same team and if negotiations fail, it marks the end of an era for the Chinese team. Considered by many to be one of the best players in history, Rookie in particular won the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, the 2018 Demasia Cup and the Spring Split of the LPL Season 2019; He became one of the most popular players in China, becoming the second player after Uzi to cross the symbolic 2,500 LPL kill mark.

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If TheShy and Rookie’s departure is confirmed in the coming days, Invictus could be a big loser, but it could allow the team to restart the new project by 2022.