March 28, 2023

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iOS Gaming: Evans Remains Release, Game Awards for Genshine Impact and Promos on Raw Fury Games

Genshin Impact

Short news pack Three-in-one For the game on iOS. Remains of Ivan (Lion App Store – 3.99 euros – iPhone / iPad) a Puzzle game-visual novel Absolutely lovely retro-pixel style. Gameplay is based on a system of push-blocks and teleportations that require a lot of understanding, for the narrative aspect, here is the pitch: “Years after the disappearance of a wonderful boy named Ivan, a strange letter came. A girl named Evan Daisy wants to come looking for him. As a daisy, you will need to solve a series of complex puzzles to unravel the whole mystery and bring Ivan home. “

The second news of the day was the great success of Genshine Impact at the Game Awards, which ran from Thursday to Friday night. Game from Studio miHoYo (no longer on display) won the trophy for Best Mobile Game of the Year (Lion App Store – Free – iPhone / iPad).

Finally, fans of the very good indie titles will be delighted to find that the entire catalog of titles published by Raw Fury, including the most recent and outstanding Townscape, is for sale:

Bad North: Jotun Edition 1.99 euros instead of 3.99 euros
Dandara trials of fear 1.99 euros instead of 3.99 euros
Kathy Rain 0.99 euros instead of 2.99 euros
Kathy Rain: Directors cut 2.99 euros instead of 4.99 euros
Kingdom: New lands 1.99 euros instead of 4.99 euros
Townscape 3.99 euros instead of 4.99 euros
The longest road on earth 1.99 euros instead of 3.99 euros
The whispers of the machine 1.99 euros instead of 3.99 euros

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