March 27, 2023

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Telethon Gaming, the world of video games in the research service against rare diseases

Telethon Gaming, the world of video games in the research service against rare diseases

For its fourth edition, the Telethon Gaming Charity Marathon, organized by AFM-Telethon, brought together dozens of streamers for more than 30 hours to raise as much funding as possible to help with research.

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Multiply by charitable activities such as ZEvent or more recently “Game 4 Animals “ (Reads game for animals), the generosity of the gaming world is well established. Among these directives aimed at raising money for good, Telethon launched the fourth edition of its marathon on November 5 and 6, 2021 under the name Telethon Gaming. The show, which aired on the Twitch platform, brought together streamers, YouTubers and professional players to raise the jackpot to assist in research against rare diseases.

For 30 hours in a row, these enthusiasts played various video games to encourage their community to donate. About ten of them put on a cover at the Forum des Palace in Paris in the evening, along with the “Telethon Gaming, We Play Together” program in France 2 on the night of December 3 to 4.

For the first time in a telethon weekend, a television program dedicated exclusively to telethon gaming. During the show, Samuel Etienne, journalist, along with his guests, streamers Domingo and Little Bigwell and video game historian Florent Gorges returned on a variety of themes linking video games and telethon. But before this rebroadcast, viewers have an appointment Twitch Channel of France TV At 2h30, just before telethon gaming. The live broadcast, hosted by Canelle Sabourin and Nacer Boubekeur, highlighted 10 streamers and disabled players passionate about video games such as Emma, ​​Baptiste and Latitia who witnessed for AFM.

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Find the full live stream:

In total, Telethon Gaming streamers were able to collect 14 143,635, which is more than the 350 350,000 collected during the Live Twitch and Telethon gaming show on December 3 in France 2. The amount raised by Telethon 2021’s global counter is 73,622,019 euros. Helping to help millions of people suffering from rare diseases accelerates research.

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