June 27, 2022

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F1: FIA to study controversial Abu Dhabi GP events

F1: FIA to study controversial Abu Dhabi GP events

Paris | The International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced on Wednesday that it was engaged in a “detailed analysis and clarification exercise” of the events leading up to Max Verstappen’s victory and coronation in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

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“This question will be discussed with all teams and all pilots to learn from this situation and provide explanations to participants, media and fans on the rules in force,” it said in a press release.

The goal is to “make resolutions before the start of the 2022 season” in Bahrain on March 20.

The decision comes on the heels of a proposal by FIA President Jean Todd of France, who was ousted by the World Motorsport Council, whose successor will be elected on Friday.

“The circumstances surrounding the use of a safety car in the aftermath of driver Nicholas Latife’s and related communications between FIA race management and teams have created ambiguity and strong reactions from drivers and fans alike,” he recalled. World Motor Sport Council.

The controversy “has now damaged the reputation of the championship and celebrations in a manner befitting the first title as world champion of pilots won by Max Verstappen (Red Bull, Note) and the eighth consecutive title in the world of constructors won by Mercedes.”, We also read in this press release.

Victory in Abu Dhabi, synonymous with the coronation of the Dutchman or Louis Hamilton (Mercedes), seemed to have promised Britain until Latifie crashed six laps.

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By the time Williams was freed from the Canadians, the race behind the security car was neutralized. This is the moment when the neutral GP ends up being the talk of the town, and Mercedes in special competitions.

The German manufacturer calculated that the resumption of the race took place one lap earlier than expected in the rules before the 58th and final lap. But Verstappen overcame Hamilton in the final lap to win his first title.

Without it, the GP Safety would end up in the back of the car, with no chance of overtaking, and the seven-time world champion would be rewarded.

The GP then announced the Mercedes protest but its protest was rejected by the Race Marshals. The German team stated that it intended to appeal immediately and had until Thursday at the end of the day to confirm or withdraw its appeal.

This is not suspense, nor will it prevent Verstopen from receiving his trophy at the FIA ​​Awards gala on Thursday evening.

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