March 27, 2023

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Flu. The pandemic is booming in France

Flu.  The pandemic is booming in France

Flu pandemic Smoke billows France, Two metropolitan areas are now in the pre-epidemic stage, According to a weekly report from the French Public Health Agency.

For the week of December 6, Health Institute Notes a “The upward trend in influenza indicators for the 4th week in a row is comparable to the levels generally observed at this time of year”.

Occitani and Ile-de-France were in a pre-infection condition

This week, Ile-de-France went into the pre-infection phase, thereby joining Occitani.

Overseas, the reunion is already in this case and the myot has been in the epidemic phase for almost two months.

Low immunity to the flu

Last winter, arrests and anti-Kovid barrier signals helped prevent all viruses, including influenza.

The French say they are less infected than usual and therefore collectively have lower immunity, which raises strong infection fears this year.

This decline in immunity can lead to other infections such as gastroenteritis as well as strong infections.

Ongoing bronchiolitis epidemic

It’s already been bronchiolitis for several weeks, a disease that mainly affects infants.

Common and highly contagious, it causes coughing and difficulty, rapid, snoring and snoring. Most of the time is benign, but may also require an emergency room visit or hospitalization.

Since November, the bronchiolitis epidemic has hit all parts of the French metropolitan area, and is currently ongoing. “At a high level” According to Public Health France. The situation is similar in Guadeloupe.

Several thousand children went through the emergency room for bronchiolitis

In metropolitan France, last week, 4,841 children under the age of two went to the emergency room for bronchiolitis, 90% of whom were less than a year old and more than a third hospitalized.

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Of these 1,739 children admitted to the hospital, more than nine in ten were less than one year of age.