December 9, 2023

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Kovid-19: Montreal urges cancellation of parties and meetings by Christmas

Kovid-19: Montreal urges cancellation of parties and meetings by Christmas

More than 844 new cases were reported in 24 hours, 95 of which were linked to the Omicron variant, while Montreal public health officials were on high alert and could not rule out a refund of some short-term health restrictions. The population is invited to avoid all parties and meetings between now and Christmas.

At a press conference on Wednesday, the Montreal Regional Director of Public Health, D.C.Back Mylene Drouin said she was “surprised” by the rapid evolution of cases observed in all settings and all age groups in Montreal, especially the cases caused by the new variant Omicron.

Montreallers Christmas is probably not what they expected, she lamented.

Contrary to the Legalt government, which maintains the green light for private groups of up to 20 people who have been double-vaccinated during Christmas, d.Back Droin, for his part, urged the Montrealians to avoid any party, any party Party And any public meeting “between now and Christmas”.

“It’s possible […] To review some of the plans we have in mind. […] And it was frustrating. If Omicron is captured, we will have to […] Avoid publicity stunts through population-based activities, ”she explained, limiting the effects of the current wave on the health system.

If this “deadly” progress continues, the reception capacity of some areas will be revised downwards and schools will again be required to wear masks.

The number of Kovid-19 cases almost doubled in 24 hours on Tuesday and the positive rate in the metropolis has now reached 8%, according to the Directional Regional de la Sante Public de Montreal (DRSPM). The island of Montreal is facing a double wave: one is offered by the Delta variant, which revolves abundantly between children under 12 and their parents, while the other is produced by the Omicron variant, 95 of which have already been reported. Cases of infection, confirmed by screening or epidemiological link.

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The extended screening operation will provide a more accurate portrait of Omicron’s progress in the metropolis in a few days, but the DRSPM estimates that cases will double every 2 to 3 days.

90% of people infected with the Omicron variant were double-vaccinated. None of these cases require hospitalization so far. “With two doses, we can not escape from it. We can catch this variant very easily,” D insisted.Back Droin.

Of these 95 cases reported, 50% were linked to the return trip, especially to the United States, 25% to home contact and the rest to community transmission. The cases, whose average age is 32, were reported at two schools (Des Coquilicates in Verdun and Saint-Genevieve Sud in Laos, closed until the holidays), two universities, a day care service at the Buzzfit Sports Center and the Henry-Lemiax Cultural Center in Lausalle.

“It takes a lot […] Ability to withstand this situation, ”said D.Back Droin. Public Health’s contact tracing and screening capabilities will eventually be overwhelmed, she predicts, and Omicron will quickly become dominant. She urged those who are eligible to get their third dose done quickly and for parents to vaccinate their children.

Pressure system

Sonia Belonger, CEO of CIUSSS du Center-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montreal, added that the expected pressure on the health system could be very strong, although there are already 79 people hospitalized for COVID in Montreal, 34 of whom are in intensive care. Care. Five deaths a week were prosecuted. “We are preparing for a significant increase in the number of hospitals,” she said, adding that a capacity of 500 beds has been reserved for COVID patients in 21 hospitals in the metropolis.

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To prevent it from spreading on the Health Network, all employee parties scheduled ahead of Christmas have been canceled. In Montreal, M. said 140 employees were already missing because of KovidMe Belanger.

Screening capacity in the metropolis has also been severely tested in recent days, with nearly 10,000 tests being conducted every day. The queues are so long that people want to be tested before participating in A Party Or rally, mMe Belanger recalled that tests should be reserved for people with symptoms or people close to a positive case.

“We must all accept that Deja Wu has a feeling,” D concludedBack Droin compared the current situation to what he experienced during the second wave in Christmas 2020. She believes that only a reduction in the number of contacts in the hands of Montreallers can change the tide. For the rest, the DRSPM is still looking for government decisions on whether to reimburse other health measures. According to dBack Drain, re-containment unlikely. “I hope not, because we all know the consequences.”

The doctors who are inquiring

In addition, several doctors affiliated with the Kovid-Stop Collective, under the name of Pop Quebec, went on a public outing on Wednesday in protest of the neglect of health beacons proposed by the Legalt government for holidays and vacations. Provide a practical guide Intended for population. “Relying on two doses alone is not enough,” D said WednesdayBack Mary-Michelle Bellan, whose group specifically suggested multiple approaches to prevent infection through aerosol transmission.

Unlike the Legalt government, these physicians were advised to perform rapid tests on any asymptomatic person before any family reunion. “It’s absolutely asymptomatic to cause the problem,” de Underline saysBack Belon. This is because the infection starts 48 hours before the first symptoms. This is the way we can get out of this pandemic! “

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