March 25, 2023

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SwordArt (TSM) returns to LPL in Weibo Gaming

SwordArt (TSM) returns to LPL in Weibo Gaming

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After a season at TSM in NA, Sword Art returned to the LPL with his former team Sunning‌, now Weibo Gaming.

As we announced yesterday, Weibo Gaming Only one file is pending after LPL announced a majority in its 2022 roster. New team League of Legends, Who received the slot from Suning, and finally formalized his return to China Hu ోర్ Sword Art »Shuo-cheeh, After a season in NA with TSM, he finished 4th in the summer playoffs at LCS and 3rd in the spring. He does not have a major title in 2021 except perhaps first place in the regular season of the summer split.

So he left Sunning‌ or almost left him at the end of the 2020 season to find LCS. With his former team, he has a special Won the regional final in China and finished in the World 2020 final against Damwon. He hopes to reproduce with the new roster he composed on Invictus’ old top planner. Shy, Freshly arrived.

Weibo gaming looks like that now Completely for next season, And now the staff is looking for coaching. Former head coach, Diane, For his part, went to Bilibili Gaming.

Weibo Gaming (formerly Sunning)
Spring Split 2022

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