March 27, 2023

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The judge dismissed Trump for wanting to keep his tax returns secret

The judge dismissed Trump for wanting to keep his tax returns secret

Washington | Court documents show a U.S. federal judge on Tuesday rejected a request by former President Donald Trump to prevent Congress from receiving his tax returns.

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The decision by Washington court judge Trevor McFadden – who was appointed when Donald Trump was president – was a major setback for Donald Trump, who fought with teeth and nails not to disclose his tax returns, despite promising in the 2016 election campaign.

According to the former Republican president, the access request from the Democratic Majority House of Representatives was biased.

Elected Democrat Richard Neal, chairman of a parliamentary committee that wants to consult Donald Trump’s tax file, said the judge’s decision was “not surprising”.

“The law is clearly on the commission side,” he said.

In August, the Justice Department ordered the U.S. Treasury to submit to parliament a six-year tax bill for the billionaire who refused to release Donald Trump.

US presidents have no legal obligation to release their personal financial details, but this has been the case for everyone living in the White House since Richard Nixon in the 1970s. Mr. Unlike Trump.

The parliamentary committee has the right to make tax returns public, but there is also a warning note in Judge Trevor McFadden’s judgment.

“Publishing tax returns may or may not be appropriate but it is the right of the President (Commission) to do so,” the magistrate underlined.

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