May 30, 2023

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Matthias Norlinder returns to Sweden

Matthias Norlinder returns to Sweden

After a few months of experience in North America, Matthias Norlinder will continue his development in Sweden. The decision was clearly made by mutual agreement between the Canadian management, the 21-year-old defender and his agent.

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“It’s not just about hockey. In the game, for his progress, staying in Laval‌ was ideal. However, another will come into force. This decision was made in relation to the whole picture and not for specific points. ”, However Dominic Ducharm suggested.

“But we’re all on the same page,” he added.

We therefore believe that the proposal to return to Frolunda to complete the season did not come from the Defender clan. Also, in an exchange of emails last week, JP Barry, his agent, suggested that this would be a great choice for the author of these lines.

“We are always evaluating the options to find out what is best for its development. It is likely to return to Sweden,” he wrote.

Although we will not see him again in Montreal until next season, Norlinder has a good opinion of the company.

“He’s physically stronger than I thought he would be,” Ducharm said.

Know the difference

However, it takes time to adapt to the NHL’s caliber. Especially for Defender and even more so when you come from the European continent.

“He is a wise young man. He sees the difference between European hockey and the hockey here. It’s mostly the time and place you put on plays (which is different) and the way the opponent is stressed. In the NHL and the American League, you have very little time, ”explained the Canadian coach.

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“He knows what he needs to work on. He feels the difference well and can see. He’s going in good company. In September, the ball will be on his court again,” he continued.

Hope for the young man that everything does not have to start all over again. This is because it is difficult to adapt to the caliber and style of the North American game when playing in Europe.

In six meetings with the Canadians, Norlinder collected an aid. In several games at Laval, he added a goal and assist.

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