December 4, 2023

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Zendaya Hair Metamorphoses

Zendaya Hair Metamorphoses

Overview of Queen of Style Zendia’s many hairstyles.

In a few years, Zendaya Became an important symbol of his generation. An ambassador for fashion, jewelery and beauty houses (Valentino, Bulgaria, Lancome …), the 25-year-old actress is a figure widely followed by the fan community for her unique style. The American star knows how to create surprises and change pleasures with her dress, makeup or her hairstyle.

Star the series “Euphoria” on the red carpet of official events, film premieres, charity galas or awards nights And Marvel “Spider-Man” movies Always looks with a new touch, its outputs are never the same. With long, curly, afro, colored blonde, brown or red hair, braided or dreadlocks, Zendaya has a blast. Even his makeup artist.

“It’s really trying, failing and trying again”

In November 2020, in an interview with “British VogueZendia admits that she has learned a lot from the professional hairdressers and makeup artists she has worked with. “I noticed them in their work. If I like the way someone made my eyebrows, I’ll see how they did it and try again at home. Over time, learning to wear makeup is about using different techniques and products that I like. Then it’s a matter of trial and error. I’m on the red carpet. I step in and look at the photos later. Sometimes I said, “Oh, I look like a ghost, so I’ll fix it next time. It’s really about trying, failing and trying again,” she says.

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