March 25, 2023

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Parents keep children at home

Parents keep children at home

Although the school closure was not announced next week, parents decided to keep their children at home a few days before Christmas to reduce their risk of contracting the virus.

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Joni Hamel Three children have not been attending school since Thursday. Several COVID-19 cases have been reported at their school in St-Raymond, Portnewf, and one of them has been closed.

So the parents rearranged their work schedule and their vacation breaks so that they could all stay home for the next few days.

“We are careful before we see our family during the holidays,” says MMe Hamel.

Nicolas Provost, president of Quebec Educational Institutions, said it was not alone. “We already have parents starting to remove their children,” he said.

This is not a “general wave”, but more absences can be expected next week. “There may not be more students in the class,” he said.

However exams are planned in some secondary schools.

Parents who want to keep their children at home are resigning to the “difficult” option.

“These are very important tests in the January newsletter,” said Martin Gagnon, whose twins are a fourth-grader at Cardinal-Roy High School in Quebec City.

One of almost two schools

In recent days, the virus has spread to almost half of the schools in the province.

According to the latest regional report, 47% of schools have reported active cases, while 33 schools have been closed or partially closed.

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However, despite a significant increase in the number of positive cases, many parents breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday when they learned that the school calendar had not changed in elementary school.

Other parents, however, believe that learning to live with the virus is essential.

Marie-Pierre Zodoin, who lives in Monterey, has two children who will go to school next week, although this family-based educator can keep them at home.

“With the rapid release of pharmacy tests, we need to trust those around us,” she said.

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