March 27, 2023

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Pro Tips for Creating an Artist Brand on Social Media

Are you an artist that is looking to expand your audience and hopefully tap into a larger fan base? While there are plenty of ways to go about it, social media is among one of the most useful tools for anyone looking to connect with people. Businesses have been embracing social media for the past few years now as part of their digital marketing efforts, and there’s no reason why you can’t apply some of those same techniques, tools and lessons to creating an artist brand on the platforms.

Because social media and online marketing probably aren’t your thing, here are some pro tips that will make creating your artist brand online a breeze and incredibly effective.

Which Social Media Networks Should You Join?

The big question artists can have is, which social media network they should join? Which would be the most effective in helping them to grow their brand? The fact is that there is no ‘best’ option; instead, it’s best to diversify your portfolio and join all the big ones. This means creating accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. When creating the accounts, it needs to be in your artist/stage name – this isn’t a personal account; it is a business account. This also means it needs to look professional and sleek and reflect your branding.

Embrace Automation Tools to Make Life Easier

You can also become a social media whiz of sorts by using automation tools whenever necessary. This will save you time and effort, making sure that your pages stay current. The best tools tend to be the ones that allow you to schedule posts. You can create the posts whenever you want and then schedule them to be posted at a specific time. Because it’s automated you don’t have to worry about forgetting or not being available to post at that exact time. These tools are especially helpful for Twitter and Facebook where you tend to build a following by staying consistent in terms of posting content.

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Find the Perfect Posting Schedule

Speaking of posting, you must figure out what the perfect schedule is. There is a balance to strike since you don’t want to post too much and come across as spammy, but you also don’t want to post too little which causes followers to lose interest. So, what is the perfect amount? Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a gray area and will take some trial and error on your part. Try playing around with different amounts of posts per day/week and also the time of day/night that the content is posted. There are some times of the day where posts will be viewed by a bigger audience so you want to identify what those times are.

You’ll Need an Artist Bio

When setting up any sort of social media account for your artist brand, you’re going to need to include some basic information on the main page. An artist bio is a great way to do that, as it’s meant to give people an inside look at who you are and what you’re all about.

There are some expert tips on how to write an artist bio that resonates with readers and hits all the right notes. This guide on how to write a music artist bio from Pirate will help you to craft the ultimate bio, including taking the time to think about what message you want to convey, making sure it comes across as authentic and how it can work to encourage people to listen to or check out your work. Pirate has made a name for itself by providing professional studio space for artists in a variety of genres, allowing them to practice/rehearse and record.

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Open the Door to Your Personality

Another expert tip is to not be afraid to open the door to your personality. As an artist, so much of who you are is poured into your work, and as such it makes sense you want to share some of your personal life. That doesn’t mean your followers need to come with you daily as you vlog, but there is nothing wrong with showing a little behind the scenes content. This can help people to connect to you, thereby becoming a more loyal fan.

Post Different Kinds of Content

You also want to keep your social media accounts interesting, so that means using a variety of media. You can post photos, video clips, sound clips and text, mixing it up so that your followers want to stay on top of all your latest content. Social media accounts can also be a great way to tease upcoming releases, projects and content which will drum up interest and buzz.

Ensure the Content You Post Is High Quality

When it comes to images, videos and sound clips, you need to be sure they are high quality. That means high-resolution photos, video clips that are clear, and sound that is crisp. By posting high-quality media, it makes your artist brand appear that much more professional.

Engage with Your Followers Regularly

One thing that people aren’t always aware of or do the best at is engaging with followers. It’s important to post regularly but, if you’re not responding to comments and engaging, then people will start to lose interest. They want to see that you are a real person, someone who exists behind the artist brand, and that you value your followers. At the same time, it’s not necessary or even possible to respond to every single comment, but making an effort to be present as much as you can will pay off.

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As a budding artist, or even one that has already started to build up your fan base, getting involved on social media is pretty much a given nowadays. It is where people go to engage, learn and share so you want to be sure you are part of the action. Making sure you have a strong artist brand presence on all the top social media platforms will allow you to do just that.