March 27, 2023

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Unibet Mobile App

The Swedish bookmaker Unibet is one of the largest and most successful betting providers in the betting industry. The Unibet Group plc, which was founded in 1997 and is even traded on the Nordic stock exchange, is behind the offer. 

The customer base is just as impressive, because it consists of over 14 million customers in 100 countries – and they naturally want to be impressed again and again. 

This is achieved, among other things like the possibility to use unibet revolut to withdrawals, through the Unibet app, which is available as a free download for Android and Apple devices. Other operating systems can use an alternative in the form of a web app. 

Download & Installation

With such a large customer base, it is of course not surprising that unibet magyar would like to offer as many tipsters as possible an alternative to the regular offer on the website with its sports betting app. 

Accordingly, the Unibet app is offered in different versions, although the accesses differ only minimally. If you want to access the offer with an iPhone or iPad, you can go through the Apple App Store

The provider’s sports betting app is at the top of the search and can be downloaded within a few seconds. The Apple devices then take over the installation completely automatically.

The process is similar with an Android device, although Google does not allow real money apps in its PlayStore. This means that the download has to be handled by an external source if the app is to be downloaded. 

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There are no disadvantages or risks as a result, especially since this approach has long been common in the industry. If the download has been carried out successfully, the installation is also done automatically here. After just a few moments, every Android user can fully access the offer and enjoy the unibet sport app.

Mobile betting at a glance

Placing bets is pleasantly easy within the app. The Unibet app is structured exactly like the regular website, so that every tipper can orientate him quickly. 

In the upper area there is therefore not only a search function, but also the list view for listing all available sports. Here Unibet now presents the customers’ favorite leagues and competitions, but at the same time allows you to view all available sports. 

If the choice has been made on a discipline, the betting provider will list further submenus with the countries, leagues and events. The respective betting odds can then always be accepted without any problems with a click on the betting slip, which is displayed discreetly in the lower area. 

Unibet currently has more than 30 different sports in its portfolio and thus presents its customers with an above-average selection. You can find unibet football, tennis and basketball at the top of the list, but American football, baseball and handball are also on offer. 

Customers do not have to be satisfied with that, however, because there are also all sorts of “exotic” items waiting, such as bobolls, sailing, chess and cricket. 

If you like to place your bets away from the sporting disciplines, you can do so in the “Non-Sports” category, in which you can bet on the Emmy Awards or major political events, for example. The Unibet odds hits are also very special highlights in the mobile betting offer,

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If the selection is complete, the desired type of bet can now be specified. Then only the stake is missing before the bet is placed with a click on the yellow button “Place bet”. 

According to our Unibet experience, the smallest possible bet is EUR 0.10. The respective maximum varies from competition to competition and of course also depends on the popularity and quality of the individual event.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits to the player account at Unibet are processed using:

  1. Mastercard credit card
  2. Visa credit card
  3. eWallets
  4. Paysafecard
  5. Bank transfer. 

Unfortunately, you still have to do without a few well-known and popular payment methods such as PayPal. Nonetheless, the payments can otherwise be made with the Unibet app without any problems. 

Please note, however, that there is a fee of 2.50 percent for credit cards and a fee of 3.00 percent for Paysafecard. The required minimum deposit amount varies, but is never more than ten euros.

Payouts are generally feasible from an amount of ten euros, but for bank transfers, for example, at least 15 euros are due. According to our Unibet experience, the betting provider does not charge any fees for payouts – not even in the Unibet app. 

However, an identity check must be carried out before a new customer can pay out for the first time. In addition, it should be noted that the payout is only processed using exactly the same method that was used for the deposit. 

Unibet cash out

In addition, according to our Unibet experience, the betting provider also has numerous offers in its repertoire that provide customers with cashbacks or free bets, and you still can enjoy the unibet open live stream. 

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If, for example, major events such as the Olympic Games are on the program, competitions and sweepstakes are usually also organized. Participation from the Unibet app is usually always possible.


The bookmaker Unibet has developed a strong position in the market in recent years and underlines these services in the Unibet app. The mobile version is available in different versions – thus taking into account every customer of the bookie. 

Nevertheless, there is currently a small weakness, which is mainly due to the extended loading time. Since this is only a minor point of criticism, the deductions are of course not that big. 

It is also very positive that payments can also be made with the app without any problems. not needing a unibet coupon or anything. Thus, the performance can clearly be rated as good and the Unibet app can be recommended in any case.



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