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Why the disease protects you from brain tumors

Why the disease protects you from brain tumors

SufferAsthma Finally it may not have all the flaws. It was discovered by American neurologists about fifteen years ago Asthma develops into small brain tumors. Now we know why People with asthma Thanks to the efforts of researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, United States, the chances of developing brain tumors appear to be lower than in others. They just revealed this in a study published on December 8 in the journal Nature CommunicationsHow Asthma Protects People With Brain Tumors This characteristic is associated with the secretion of people suffering from asthmaA protein called decorin. In fact, while it is highly harmful to asthma, it can exacerbate it, on the other hand it has proven to be a formidable ally in treating some brain tumors, including cancer of the optic tract.

A new approach to the treatment of brain tumors

A Bad news for the airways can be good news for the brainScientists explain.In practice, it seems to be involved in the behavior of T cells, a type of immune cell. When individuals have asthma, they become active.American study shows that T cells induce pneumonia. In parallel inhibits the growth of brain tumors, which suggests an exploration Reprogramming of T cells in patients Brain tumors May be A new approach to the treatment of brain tumors. “Actually, we’re not going to start causing asthma, which is a deadly disease to anyone,” said Professor David Gutman, the study’s lead author. According to him, “regenerating T cells in patients with brain tumors and acting similarly to T cells in asthma patients may be a new approach to treating these tumors”.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers exposed groups of rats to asthma-causing irritants from 4 weeks to 6 weeks of age. They then treated a control group with salt water for comparison. After searching for gliomas in the optic tract at 3 months and 6 months, the scientists found that the asthma mice did not form these brain tumors. After the rats had asthma, Their T cells begin to secrete a protein called decorin, Well known to asthma researchers. This protein is already known to asthma experts because it exacerbates the symptoms in the lungs. However, this protein is beneficial to the brain Inhibits the activation of cells called microglia, which are associated with the growth of brain tumors.

According to the authors of the study, “It shows that there is communication between T cells and cells in the body May the Do. This contributes to the growth of optic pathway gliomas. “The next step is to see if this is true for other types of brain tumors.” As we further understand this relationship between T cells and cells that promote brain tumors, we will discover. Opportunities to develop therapies capable of interfering with the process“, The scientists concluded.

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