June 27, 2022

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The judge dismissed Shelley Glover, who challenged Heather Stephenson’s election

Mrs. Stephenson was announced Prime Minister after a poll on October 30.

The case is being re-assigned to another judge, Justice James G. Edmund, of the Queen’s Bench. He made his decision orally during a hearing broadcast on the Internet.

The judge explained that Ms Glover only had to prove that the election was rigged. A material effect On the result of the vote.

The presence of irregularities alone is not enough for the court to intervene, He he said.

The judge pointed out that the questionable election was conducted by a political party rather than the state. The court had to assess whether or not Agreement Elections are respected, that is, if the party respects its constitution and its rules and policies.

At last Friday’s hearing, Shelley Glover’s lawyer, Dave Hill, argued that the party was sending out a spreadsheet containing the voter list to two campaign groups in this election and that the list contained fewer voters than the total number of votes declared. On October 30th.

Hill also pointed out other factors such as the non-signature of all those required in the counting of votes, the departure from the polling station after the ballot boxes have been counted, and the waiting of the party. Candidate has two hours to announce the winning name.

Instead, the Progressive Conservative Party argues that with the approval of scrutinists from both campaigns all ballots were placed in ballot boxes and that party security measures ensure that ballot boxes and ballots are still safe.

In his judgment, Justice Edmonds said evidence showed that only ballots confirmed by two campaigns were in the ballot box.

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There is not enough evidence to prove that even a single invalid ballot was placed in the ballot box, He he said.

The judge said it was unfortunate that the number of voters was incorrectly recorded in the spreadsheet. There is a difference between the ballot verification process and the accuracy of the certified ballot record.

In addition, the judge maintains that if all the parties required for the counting of votes have not signed, there is no reason to believe that they are incorrect.

I do not believe that the alleged manipulations, alone or completely, will have an impact on the election results. The election was declared valid.

Ms Glover’s lawyer said Friday that she understood the verdict was not in their favor because they could not prove that the ballots had been added or removed from the ballot boxes.

If we had proof that someone had taken his hand in the cookie jar, we would not have had to go to court, but in the end we could not prove that anyone had put extra ballots in the box., He expresses.

Shelley Glover did not specify whether the decision would be appealed.

He told Lawyer Media when he came out of court Such a decision is difficult to overturn on appeal . Ms. Glover said she was disappointed with the verdict That is a flawed choice . She called for a change in party policies during the by-elections.

I hope anyone outside the party, such as a retired judge and aides, will review this. The judge made it clear today that there are a lot of flawed issues, but there is nothing in the internal rules to address these issues., She lamented.

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Judge Edmund’s ruling confirms that the election was fair, party chairman Tom Vibe said in a written statement.

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