March 27, 2023

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After a series of failures, Nicola delivered her first electric truck

After a series of failures, Nicola delivered her first electric truck

(New York) Electric and hydrogen truck maker Nicola has delivered the first two electric trucks to the port of Los Angeles on Friday, having experienced several setbacks over the past two years.

As part of a pilot project with two electric trucks and two hydrogen trucks, Total Transportation Services Inc. (TTSI) said in a statement. These should be used in Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

If the experience is satisfactory, TTSI will order a total of 100 vehicles from Nicola.

“Production, performance and maintenance are crucial, and we believe Nicola excels in all three areas,” TTSI’s boss Vic Larosa said in a statement.

Nicola is delivering its first trucks as announced in the fourth quarter.

The group is still planning to sell a total of 25 by the end of the year, as expected in November, a spokesman confirmed. However, it was much smaller than the 50 and 100 vehicles originally announced, and due to supply issues the group had to lower its intentions in August, and then revise again in November.

Nicola made her Wall Street debut in June 2020, seemingly legalizing the Arizona-based Phoenix company, which was founded in 2015, before sealing a good partnership with General Motors in September.

But the company, days later, was caught in a whirlwind after years of its founder, Trevor Milton, claiming that Nicola was a “complex fraud based on dozens of lies” after an investment firm Hindenburg research report.

Mr. who resigned shortly after. Milton has been accused by U.S. officials of “shamelessly” embellishing the start-up’s operations during a series of public interventions to boost action.

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Nicola shares rose more than 6% on the New York Stock Exchange at 2:15 pm after the announcement of the first deliveries.