March 25, 2023

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Pandemic management | “On a personal level, it’s tiring,” Trudeau admits

Pandemic management |  "On a personal level, it's tiring," Trudeau admits

(Ottawa) Man does not often abandon himself; His speech is repetitive, the emotions he exhibits, are always counted. Speaking of the epidemic, when he says, “I understand how disgusting it is to be in this situation,” his focus shifts and the break-in becomes apparent.

Lena Dib
Canadian Press

Justin Trudeau does not like to talk about himself. One of his favorite lines when his political opponents attacked him: If the opposition focused on me, I would focus on the Canadians.

So he escapes as much as possible, but he offers some admissions … oh, a small gap.

“On a personal level, it’s tiring,” he said in a year – long interview with a Canadian press team in Ottawa.

COVID-19 has been occupying, engaging and astonishing its government for 21 months.

“That’s it Tough On my family. That is Tough On me. It certainly is. But we make an impact […] He said the mask slipped over his nose in a flood of his words.

He wants to prove that it’s not even dark, if not all “unicorns and rainbows”.

The national childcare system is $ 10 a day, almost everywhere (Ontario is still resisting it), which is “thank you” for the epidemic.

“We are in the process of offering Quebec-style daycare systems nationwide. We can never do this without the pandemic. It will not be on our platform in 2019. This is definitely a pandemic, where people realize that “Oh my God, daycare is important”. Yes, it is important. And we were able to deliver nationwide. We can not do this [sinon] , He stressed.

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New relationship with First Nations on the way to reconciliation, “thank you” for the epidemic.

“We are changing relations with the indigenous people. In addition, being there to protect the local people during a thousand times more devastating epidemic has enabled us to move forward, ”he believed.

And he takes refuge as far as he can in the message he has already scripted.

I do not want to be the Prime Minister because I think it will be easy. I became Prime Minister because I knew I had the potential to help people improve their country.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

The journalist gave him a metaphor. This country is like the house where he wanted to add a skylight and a solarium, and now he’s been stuck there for months trying to fetch dirty water from a sewage backup – he has no control over it.

“Not 10 years ago, not 10 years ago. Are you happy to be prime minister now?” We do not know what will happen in 10 years, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

“Yes, I am happy to be the Prime Minister now,” he replied to himself.

“We will have an impact not only on emptying the sewers now, but on building them back better. Then when we can keep the solarium at home, we will do it on a base, in a clean house, in a house that is more rigid than ever,” he said.

And realizing that he was sinking a little deeper into the metaphor and talking about the canals, he ended the interview laughing out loud.

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