March 1, 2024

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Presidential Election | Chile elects left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric

Presidential Election |  Chile elects left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric

(Santiago de Chile) The streets of Santiago exploded with joy as left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric declared victory over his right-right rival Jose Antonio Castre in the second round of the presidential race on Sunday. Election.

Laurent Abbody
France Media Agency

It was a real victory for the Left Alliance, of which he was a member of the Communist Party, in this unprecedented duel between two candidates for social projects that had been completely opposed since the return of democracy in 1990.

“I’m happy because there are so many changes going on that will help the people and the working class, the forgotten,” said Luis Astorga, 58, a construction worker who took to the streets of Santiago to celebrate the victory.

According to the latest official results (99.96% of polling stations), Mr. Boric, the youngest president in Chile at the age of 35 and one of the youngest leaders in the world, won by 55.17% of the vote against Mr. Castle by 44.13%. Anyone who adores the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet has the support of the whole of Chile right.

Photo by Javier Torres, France-Press Agency

The streets of Santiago, as in many cities in Chile, exploded with joy at the news of the victory of left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric.

More than a million votes separate the two contestants (4.6 against 3.6). Voter turnout exceeded 55%, making it an all-time high as voting was not mandatory in 2012.

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At 1Is When Jose Antonio Cost came in first it was 47% (27.9% against 25.8%), repeating that he was a candidate for “Order, Justice and Security”.

“Boric succeeded in assembling the most difficult section to assemble: young people,” said political scientist Claudia Hees.

With his welfare state project in a country that is considered the laboratory of liberalism in Latin America, Gabriel Boric won by joining him from the middle class to the upper middle class, mainly to Santiago.

Photo by Ivan Alvarado, Reuters

Right-right candidate Jose Antonio Cast

Gabriel Borick hopes to promote a major tax reform to share the wealth in his program of health, education and the creation of a new retirement system now entirely private. Chile is the most unequal country in the OECD.

With a dark suit and white shirt open to the collar, thin glasses and a thick beard, he reassured tens of thousands of supporters to listen to him speak of “more social rights” “financially responsible” in the center of Santiago.

“I cry with joy”

Crowds of cheering and cheering crowds took to the streets of the capital, waving Chilean flags, including Place d’Italy, the hub for rallies in 2019 for more social justice.

The party is preparing to continue overnight for fear that a particular form of Pinochetism will return to the masses.

Photo by Javier Torres, France-Press Agency

After the results are announced, cheerful spectators pour their joy into the streets.

“This is a struggle that has been going on for many years from our parents and grandparents, and we are still fighting against anything that means caste in Chile,” said 27-year-old waitress Daniela. “It simply came to our notice then. I have faith in him, I have faith in what he says. ”

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“I am just happy to be free. We defeated fascism, it was like a birth. When I get home, I’m going to hug my kids and have a beer, ”said Jenny Enriquez, 45, a pharmacy worker.

“Young people understand that things need to change and that a candidate like Jose Cost is very dangerous. Young people have taken to the streets and demanded that the demands be met, ”said Pedro Carballeda, 19, a law student.

Outgoing President Sebastian Pinera congratulated the newly elected President, who will officially take office on March 11, in a video chat.

“History has taught us that when we are divided into fratricidal wars, things always end badly. […] Chile and Chile will have a very good government, “said Pinera, who was elected president.

Before him, Jose Antonio Cast congratulated his opponent: “He deserves our respect, many Chileans trust him,” he said after admitting his defeat on his official Twitter account.

From Cuba to Argentina, to Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Peru, left-wing governments in Latin America have expressed their satisfaction with Mr Borick’s victory.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party, Left) has been hailed as the winner of a dual battle with moderate president Zaire Bolsonaro in the 2022 presidential election, saying he was “excited about the new victory”. For a democratic and progressive candidate in our Latin America, for a better future for all. ”

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