March 25, 2023

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SFPQ officials are likely to go on strike in 2022

SFPQ officials are likely to go on strike in 2022

The 26,000 members of the Syndicate de la Function Public at Parabలిక్lig du Quebec (SFPQ) have called for a vote on the implementation of pressure tactics that will go on until the days of the strike action, after the holiday season.

After more than two months of negotiations “failed” after mediation, the SFPQ announced this in a press release on Friday.

The union questioned the “legitimacy of the Legal government” in the face of union demands and voted in favor of “massive pressure tactics leading to the strike”.

“Ownership has not improved on the offers submitted last July. After more than two years of consulting with the Legalt government to find definitive solutions to improve the working conditions of our members and to avoid staff shortages, now is the time to take action. We urge striking orders from our members who are fed up with the CAQ government’s low pay for Quebec public service staff, ”said SFPQ President General Christian Diegel.

SFPQ is an independent union of about 40,000 members throughout Quebec, including about 30,000 from the Quebec Public Service.

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