March 27, 2023

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There will be no quarantine for hockey players in China, Luke Tardiff believes

This Saturday, Connor McDavid said he found out Unrest Possibility to be in quarantine Three to five weeks If he receives a positive test result during games in China.

Last weekend, That was defender Alex Petrangelo, Another player on the Canadian team’s priority list, expressed the same concern.

I have four children under the age of three and a half. The possibility of being detained in China for five weeks along with the duration of the games is far from my family in my view. I will not make a decision until we all get the answers because at this point they rarely come. So we are all waiting for clarity, Argues the point guard of the Vegas Golden Knights.

The problem in this case is that this annoying question about the quarantine of hockey players has been solved for some time.

This was confirmed by International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) President Luke Tordiff.

Luke Tardiff, President of IIHF

Photo: AFP / Frank Fife

We really did everything. We have answered all the questions raised by the Players Association. In the past, we have never worked with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Organizing Committee, which was open to the idea of ​​changing their plans in favor of hosting the Olympic Hockey Tournament. We have never had so much help, Tordiff, who returned to Paris on Saturday, said. He flew through Moscow on Friday to meet with organizers Channel One Cup.

The IIHF new president The National Hockey League (NHL) cites as an example the entire plan for transporting hockey players to China, which had to be restructured due to the difficult diplomatic relations between the United States and the country hosting the Winter Games.

Flights fly over Canada and a few more through Japan. All gymnastics but we did, He he said.

No one wants to go into a 21-day quarantine in China. So we found ways to have medical ambulances. These ambulances are used to transport players out of the country when a positive result is obtained.

A quote from Luke Tardiff, President of IIHF

And not just NHL players, but others as well, Emphasized Luke Tardiff. These steps require a lot of effort, but we did. Therefore we respond as soon as any situation arises and bring it to our attention.

The latter also revealed that last week, the AJLNH, IOC, IIHF and the Beijing Games Organizing Committee attended a very positive meeting. We went above and beyond [pour que ça fonctionne]. We are never close to a deal , He Just.

Is it any wonder that the stars of the NHL are not yet aware of this crucial information?

During the match, he is attentive.

Edmonton Oilers Captain Connor McDavid.

Photo: Getty Images / Rich Lam

Donald Fehr, IIHF President and Executive Director of the Players’ Association, has agreed to meet in Edmonton after Christmas during the World Junior Hockey Championship. Two people take stock at this point.

At this stage of the preparations for the Games, the NHLPA is the IIHF’s main contact point for NHL player participation.

I still believe in the participation of NHL players in the Beijing Games. If this did not happen, I would tell you that the Kovid-19 and Omicron variants would have been game changers.

A quote from Luke Tardiff, President of IIHF

It can be understood that the number of games postponed in the NHL affects the league schedule. This is what we fear most. And when you see the situation developing, it is not encouraging. However, we continue to work as NHL players participate in games., Argues Luc Tardif.

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If the players decide to go to Beijing, we agree, they will be there to play hockey. Should not be on vacation. There will be something of a planned health bubble. For those who enter, it may be the safest place in the world for COVID-19. We have responded to all concerns raised to us, He concluded.

The NHL has until January 10 to confirm or confirm its player participation in the Beijing Games. If the NHL pulls out at the last minute, the IIHF and the National Olympic Committees will have only a few weeks to revive the tournament and add new lists.

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