July 6, 2022

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Proportion of asymptomatic infected persons 40.5%

Proportion of asymptomatic infected persons 40.5%

A recent study found that 40% of people infected with Kovid-19 are asymptomatic.

Studies around Kovid-19 Will continue to multiply. Like many viruses, infected people may experience symptoms, Develop severe forms or be asymptomatic. However, these individuals can still transmit the virus. That is why it is important to evaluate this data. The new meta-analysis has just revealed the ratio of asymptomatic cases. To this end, 94 different studies were included, taking into account a total of 29 million individuals in this meta-analysis. We found that 40.5% of Kovid-19 cases were asymptomatic.

40% of Kovid-19 cases are asymptomatic

Published in Jama Network By December 14, 2021, new meta-analysis results from the Beijing School of Public Health came out to examine the Kovid-19 cases. For this, they included patients and patients who did not have a true symptom in the pre-symptomatic stage, i.e. asymptomatic, but later developing. During the study, two large cohorts were used to calculate the percentage of asymptomatic cases: one with tested individuals and the other with confirmed infections.

For the first ensemble, it was possible to establish the percentage of asymptomatic individuals in the population undergoing screening at 0.25%, including 11,516 asymptomatic individuals, taking into account 94 studies for 29,776,306 million individuals. For the analysis of confirmed Kovid-19 cases, 77 studies were conducted for 19,884 Kovid-19 cases, including 11,069 asymptomatic forms. Overall, the study makes it possible to establish Percentage of cumulative asymptomatic form in confirmed Kovid-19 cases Is 40.5%.

Note that the percentage varies depending on the sub-population studied. In fact, of those over 60 who were screened, 3.69% were asymptomatic, and 50.21% were under 20 years of age.

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