March 27, 2023

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Shelby drops 900 hp Ford Mustang GT500KR

Shelby drops 900 hp Ford Mustang GT500KR

Please welcome to the Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang. KR for “King of the Road”, a label used first in 1968 and then in 2008 by heavily made Mustangs. It returns today in honor of Shelby American’s 60 years of existence.

The previous GT500KR, based on the fifth generation Mustang, had 540 hp, which was more than 40 hp Law GT500 standard. In the meantime, a Short Weapons Competition: The new KR GT500 produces almost 130 hp, while its compressed 5.2 V8 already develops a modest power of 771 hp. Shelby estimates that this new monster will be around 900 hp and 850 Nm.

To do this, the V8 now breathes through a 3.8L whipple compressor, and the cooling system is modified accordingly. The V8 leads the Borla exhaust for the sound described as “more insulting”. Knowing that the factory GT500 is one of the loudest cars on the planet, the GT500KR should be able to wake the dead.

Other modifications include mostly openwork carbon fiber hood, 20-inch forged rims and carbon throughout, especially on the rear spoiler and its monumental gurney flap. And if the GT500KR is still not scary enough at the red light, Shelby also offers an optional wide kit.

Only 225 units of the Shelby GT500KR will be produced, the first of which will be auctioned for charity by Barrett-Jackson.

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