July 6, 2022

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Air tags are very popular with car thieves

Air tags are very popular with car thieves
While Apple is afraid of that Airtags Couples are not used to following their spouses, consumers prefer to prepare their bikes and other bags, scooters or even their own car to prevent theft – this use is not recommended again by Apple.

Eventually thieves are more inclined, By placing these beacons on high-value vehicles, to determine the best time to track them and steal them.

A new burglary took place in Michigan, USA. John Nelson, Beautiful Dodge Charger owner, thanks to the Apple application (now.) Was able to spot the tag Available on Android) And it will ring. The criminals came and took advantage of a shopping trip made by the owner to fix the attachment on the drain plug in his car trunk – the latter they even unwrapped an element to make the operation more complicated.

According to local law, This type of tracking is becoming more popular in the area, Retrieving parts from the vehicle by taking advantage of the most favorable moment for frequent abuse. Naturally, Apple is far less likely to inform the police about the identifier it used for it Air tag In question, it makes it possible to go back to the source.

Illustration: Air tags are very popular with car thieves

Finally, let’s be clear Removing the speaker from the beacon (which is very simple) makes it possible to further complicate its identification. Without this short Beep, It’s hard to find despite Apple warning. In short, if you get a message that your car has been tracked, find it quickly or keep the vehicle in a safe place.

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