September 25, 2023

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New restrictions: Refund of queues in front of shops

New restrictions: Refund of queues in front of shops

Businesses in the province are guaranteed to be more complicated at the last minute with maximum capacity reduction. Queues have been lined up in front of some of the shops in the shopping malls since Monday, as well as in front of the big box stores with Costco.

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This is the return of queues at security guards, capacity meters and stores, where the volume of customers is now reduced by 50%.

At Galeries de la Capitale, almost all customers have to wait at popular Christmas gift shops such as bookstores, jewelry stores and toy stores.

Buyers who are a little overwhelmed by the rush may find it hard to wait, but overall everything is fine.

For traders, such actions certainly imply certain responsibilities, but we seemed to resign. It must be said that these strict standards are already in place and are well known.

“We’m used to it, we’ve done it before. We had to hire security guards because we do not have a lot of employees already, but for the rest, it’s not going to be that big,” said Jonathan Gagnon, sports expert manager, who expressed confidence that many of the measures failed to complete their purchases this weekend. Have done.

“We understand”

In the case of clients, the majority of people we met on Monday said they were in favor of such measures. The rapid rise in cases in recent days has led many to say, “We have no choice.”

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“If we do not do this, we understand that it will get worse,” Madeleine Robichad predicted, meeting in Costco’s parking lot in Lewis, where forty customers bravely faced the cold before entering. .

According to Genevieve Bernier, she ended her Christmas shopping and agreed that the operation was far more complicated than expected. “I need other things and I’m wondering if I’m going to type another line or if I’ve go there,” she said, reflecting the woman who defended the government’s decision, but who said she understood some of Ross-Le-Bowl’s. .

Manufacturing and organization

In addition to shopping malls and some costcolas, Newspaper No expectations were observed at other businesses or grocery stores. The Christmas festivities may be game-changer, however, December 23 is the busiest day of the year in supermarkets.

The key is so preparation and organization, all together a good dose of patience.

Carl Pichet, who met at the Galleries de la Capitol, warned that “we must plan for a little more damage.” “We try to plan everything in one place without having 40 spaces”.

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