March 28, 2023

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Universities | Students are afraid of the final exams

Universities |  Students are afraid of the final exams

With the closure of bars, gyms, casinos, movie theaters and theaters, many large gatherings are taking place in universities these days, which is causing concern among many students.

Alice Girard-Bosssey

Alice Girard-Bosssey

Louis Ledac

Louis Ledac

“I love online final exams for health reasons,” Joyce Slyn met Monday evening. Press When she dropped out of school at the School of Management Sciences at the University of Quebec (UQAM) in Montreal. “I would meet with my family and the more vulnerable elderly, so it would be nice if it was from a distance. ”

Universities remain open, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dube announced on Monday. So exam sessions and internships can be conducted face to face.

I like testing online. At least this time, we have more space between each person than during the exams [de mi-session].

Nada Kabboud

Following Minister Dubey’s press conference, Nada Kabboud received a message from the Marketing Department indicating that his examination scheduled for the same day would take place in person as planned. “Make sure the exam rooms are large enough to have spaces between each student”, it reads.

“Our teacher divided the class into two. There are less people, so it’s less stressful, ”said Yasmin Loomi.

Strict measures

In addition to the physical distance, the mask is mandatory at all times. Disinfectant gel was also made available to the students.

“We were far away and we had to wear a mask, so I was not under a lot of pressure,” said Samuel Noel, who has just finished his economics exam. “There are at least two free chairs between each student,” Alexis Thomias added, adding that he was satisfied with the actions.

Photo by Philip Bovin, Special Contribution

Frédérique, student met at the end of his exam

“With all the cases that happened today and the press conference, I’m sure it’s going to be live,” she said.

Big fears

Even these days, “exams take place in large auditoriums,” said Jonathan Desroches, co-ordinator at the Quebec Student Union, stressing that the issue has raised serious concerns among young people in Quebec.

Decisions on whether to conduct examinations individually or remotely are made individually, “by department or by university”. Disroaches suggested.

There is no uniform answer. We want universities to be informed of their decisions as soon as possible.

Jonathan Desroches, coordinator at the Quebec Student Union

Higher Education Minister Daniel McCann did not speak during the day on Monday and the universities did not release a statement adhering to the government’s decision to allow private exams.

COVID-19 is most common in adolescents 20 to 29 years of age, with 15.4% of confirmed cases in Quebec.

Note that most of the activities in CEGEPs are completed.