June 27, 2022

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Why do men become dumb by picking up the same woman

Why do men become dumb by picking up the same woman


  • Testosterone is a male steroid hormone produced naturally in men and to some extent in women.
  • Its role is to stimulate differentiation and development of male reproductive organs and reproductive function.

According to A new study Published in the British Journal of Psychology, Young people with high testosterone are more likely to behave “Immoral” Than men with lower testosterone levels, but only when they are competing to seduce a single woman.

Saliva samples

To accomplish this surprising discovery, the researchers collected saliva samples from 83 male and 91 female university students. “We measured their ‘baseline testosterone’, which is the level of testosterone circulating in their body when participants are at rest.” One of the two authors of the study, Mr. Nepomuccino, explained.

Then the men and women were divided into two groups: some asked to think about the neutral situation (they did the last laundry), others a seduction competition. After anticipating these situations, participants filled out a questionnaire that measured their desire to adopt offensive / immoral behavior. For example, we asked them if they were ready. “Make false income statements “ Where “Having an affair with a married man or woman”.

“A behavior can be explained by our physiology”

Researchers have found that testosterone levels are more likely to be involved in immoral behavior, but only in men who consider sexual competition. High testosterone levels are not related to liking clumsy behaviors in men or any woman in the ensemble who have previously thought about their laundry.

“When trying to describe behavior, most people think of cognitive or cultural forces. However, I think it is important to remember that humans are also biological organisms. So our study shows that some part of our behavior can be explained by our physiology.”, Concluded Mr. Nepomuseno.

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