December 8, 2023

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Emily lost her charm

Emily lost her charm

Emily in Paris Back. Sadly.

Let us first clarify one thing: these lines have fallen under the spell of the authorEmily in Paris, Last year, this unpretentious comedy captivated with anticipated ease. But it is clear that these first series episodes are enough to turn around the garden.

Today we found out exactly where we left Emily Cooper. The American who was sent to Paris is still in the service of knowledge under his boss Sylvie Cody. She, too, is torn between her feelings for Gabriel and her friendship with Camille. Ah, and even his Frenchman is in good shape or dizzy.

In short, Paris is nothing new under the sun. After all, there is nothing to bring back the Netflix heroine for another ten episodes.

Squeeze the lemon

All we do though is squeeze the lemon like never before with the second season, which looks like an epilogue to the first. We will explain the same problems over and over again – the already useless ones – again and again by adding some new secondary letters. And even after finishing the last episode, it’s still hard to figure out the plot that should link the common thread, logically, to the season.

Another problem: our beloved Emily has lost her charming and charming character. His faults and clumsiness, once touched, are now gone. We get tired more quickly when we see French characters not using Moliere language, sometimes almost persevering in discussing themselves in English.

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So for New York Fashion Week (or Paris, to be consistent) there are only clothes left to be displayed on screen – branded, of course – as in the catwalk. Sure, it’s as spectacular as the landscapes in and around Paris. But this is not enough to restore the love we once had for this lovely Emily.

Emily in Paris Now airing on Netflix.

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