July 5, 2022

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League 1 – Overtakes Sergio Ramos, Flashback and OM Referee – Reims Compete: Day 19 Tops and Flaps

League 1 - Overtakes Sergio Ramos, Flashback and OM Referee - Reims Compete: Day 19 Tops and Flaps


Adil Rami makes a small noise towards Troys. Apart from always attending, he has played seven Ligue 1 matches this season (in 19), the 2018 world champion defender, who has already scored against Rennes, but has doubled his stake by allowing Estock to save a draw point over Brest. This Wednesday evening. Shaking Rami Nets is nothing new. After all, the former Lille has already scored 29 goals in his career.

League 1

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But scoring twice in the same season in League 1 is an event. This has not happened to him since the 2009/2010 season. He was 24 years old and clearly played for LOSC. Another era. He also completed the previous season with five goals. We doubt he will be able to reach this amount in 2021/2022 but with him …

Six days later, excited and undefeated, Nice began its season with Christophe Galtier in the most beautiful manner. This can be confirmed by Lille or Bordeaux who took four against Iglons. And then, the beautiful machine got stuck. Nice sometimes wins in beautiful matches, against Lyon (3-2), sometimes less is better. Evidence of setbacks against Lorient, Troyes, Montpellier, Metz and Strasbourg.

And then Jim recovered by beating two candidates for a quick podium. Rennes first, then Lens this evening. A sequence paired with an OM draw on the lawn against Reims would allow Nice to remain a runner-up to PSG. The Inios project continues to grow well.

  • Lille, The Return of the Flame
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Jocelyn Gourwenneck’s players have not yet shown last year’s level and will never be candidates for the title this season. But Lille certainly regained her composure. At Bordeaux, the Northerners were severely beaten and led twice (1-0 after 2-1). But they were not left to reverse the trend within seven minutes of the end of the game and finally won at Gironde Lands (2-3).

This is the second time in a row that Lille has won, despite taking the lead after a 2-1 victory over the Trojans in League 1. Although they lost 12 points in five matches between the 11th and 15th day, during the meetings where they started scoring, Lille discovered the spirit of their warriors. And the path to success.

Mbappé announced to Real‌ in January: Can’t imagine why this is

Apart from being hilarious, this 19th day is also fun for those who love beautiful goals. We chose three, signed Teji Souvenir, Thomas Moncondute and Mario Lemina. MHSC Player’s Free Kick kicks off early evening festivities. In front of Angevin Paul Bernardoni’s goal, the Montpellier playmaker fired an excellent shot and took his former teammate against the leg in the Nimes waiting for him. Another free kick in the magician’s souvenir purse.

In the 40th minute of the match between Loriente and PSG at Le Moustoire, Thomas Monconude sent a UFO into the skylight of Keeler Navas. Provided back at the entrance to the area by Armand Loriente, the midfielder took the ball as it landed inside the right foot. The brush effect of the ball ended under the authority of the helpless Navas. Finally, in Nice, disguised as Mario Lemina, Robbie Keane, on a ball, playing hour, the real gem of an attacker, this is not Lemina!

Ben Yedder – Woland, Timeless duo

Here’s a working duo and it’s probably missed. These are the three matches that Wissam Ben Yedder and Kevin Woland did not start together for AS Monaco. The first in the last match against Strasbourg equalized the penalty for the second time. This Wednesday evening, towards the end of the first leg, Nico Kovac once again trusted his duo, with goals from Ben Yedder and Woland surpassing Rennes (2-1). When the French and Germans started eight times together this season, their combined record was seven goals. Maybe Kovac should remember this, because ASM is second in Nice’s top four-point field.


And in addition he was deported బుధవారం Parisian supporters felt when Sergio Ramos took a second yellow card in six minutes on FC Lorient’s lawn this Wednesday evening. The Spanish defender, who came to the break in place of Nuno Mendis, played 135 minutes before the game, that is, the Spanish defender, who could not make it to the end. Warns of uncontrolled fighting at the dangerous stage (81st), destroying the counterattack by former Real volunteer Enzo Le Phi (83rd), whose deportation was inevitable. It was already a work in progress in the first half of the fantastic season.

PSG Will he run on Pogba? “MU still has all the cards in hand”

  • Pacquiao, winter blackout blow

He dazzled his class at the start of the season and for a long time carried the Olympic Leonis on his shoulders. But Lucas Pacquiao is only a shadow of himself at the end of 2021. After many weeks of hardship, the Brazilian Metz wandered like a lost soul during a reception. If he had had a better chance (42nd place), the Lyon captain would have seemed borrowed, unable to handle a slight dribble and released at break by Peter Bose. It has been almost a month since this Brazilian player failed to score. However, despite playing better without him on Wednesday, he needs a big packet to reach the OL.

  • For unacceptable velodrome… OM

Four wins, four draws and two losses in ten matches. While Olympique de Marseille has often had trouble with opposing supporters this season, it has not spoiled his fans even at the Stade Velodrome. If the Phoenicians are “only” third in League 1 and, above all, have already dropped 13 points from PSG, they owe much of their weak pace at home. Lens and Brest came there to impose themselves, and the Jorge Sampooli players hung the draw over Paris. Bordeaux, Metz and therefore Reims left Marseille with one point more than the structures of the last third of the taxonomy. OM are only the 8th team to win the championship at home.

  • Mr. Lexier was not very inspired

When it’s hot, it gets complicated, we feel robbed“At the microphone of the prime video, Eunice Abdel‌hmid calmed down and preferred to review the pictures before the glow.

Jean-Pierre Kilot, President of Stade de Reims, attacks match referee with OM

Credit: Imago

The first, when the Ekitike crashed in the Olympian area, was assisted well by Calleta-Carr (88th). Second, he awarded a penalty to Payet for an involuntary kick from Gravillon (90th +5). When he finally did not dismiss Boubaker Kamara, he made a big mistake in replacing the last defender (90th + 9). The Marseilles also took the direction of the locker rooms. The break for Mr. Latexier is timely.

  • Dupraz, missed first

I want to play my role, but I want to share it. We protect ourselves because each of us has provided the best in us“Pascal Dupraz came strong in the legend around him at Saint-Etienne. Defender coach from Toulouse’s successful management operation with Toulouse during the 2015/2016 season. Captured.

Missed because Saint-Etienne dominated Nantes overall with a short header, but thanks to Randall Colo Muwani who pocketed three points, the Canaries. Technician Dupraz should quickly return the heads of his players to that place. On January 23, you will have to travel to Lyon …

League 1

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