July 5, 2022

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Kaiden Guhley could join the Canadians in 2022

Kaiden Guhley could join the Canadians in 2022

Kaiden Guhley was recently selected as the captain of the Canadian team for the World Junior Championships and his leadership in the Canadian locker room will not be questioned. The Montreal Canadians prospect can use this opportunity to gain momentum in the NHL. Montreal Canadians Voice for TSN 690, Dan Robertson, The young defender is confident of making it to the starting list in 2022.

Left-back defender Guhley could find a vacancy in Montreal if Ben Chiarot leaves the team. So far, Chiarot has been involved in several business rumors and he will become a free agent by the end of the year. His departure was a blessing to the young caveman.

It is important to remember the transaction deadline. How many defenders will change then? The Canadians are not in a comfortable position and have to compromise with some of the team’s defenders to make room for young Kaiden Guhley and get new draft options.

Shia Webber, on the other hand, is not expected to return in 2022 and should therefore be able to leave some free space for the young Canadian defenseman to enter the starting lineup.

Guhley hopes to gain experience as captain of the junior team Canada, which could boost his confidence in hockey next year. He has had a good training camp this year, but with his development at the junior level, he should come back stronger than ever in the next campaign.

Success at the World Junior Championships may bring him some recognition from Canadian leaders who will trust him more in the future.

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One thing is for sure, young Caiden Guhley is likely to join the Hubs lineup next year, but he still has to make his mark to get there.

In large quantities

– He can not wait to go.

– Still ring-low from 2019!

– Pasio is on fire.

– Appropriate respect.

– A new destination in the eyes of the Canadian international.