June 28, 2022

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Kovid-19: Employment agencies are ready to hire 800 workers, but not unconditionally

Kovid-19: Employment agencies are ready to hire 800 workers, but not unconditionally

Richard Mercier, President of the Regiment des Agencies de Placement de la Sante (RAPDS), is ready to co-operate in combat efforts against more than 800 nurses, paramedics and orderlies in his ranks. Variant Omicron The government will end the “inequality” between the agencies.

“If conditions are the same for all agencies, we have individuals. [pourraient s’ajouter] A much needed resource in the health network, ”Mr Mercier said in a telephone interview Destiny.

Health Minister Christian Dubey has imposed a series of conditions on employment agencies that are not part of the “Joint Supply Group” recognized by the Center de Acquisitions government before March 13, 2020. For example, it is limited to $ 71.87. The amount of hour a nurse is assigned to them in lieu of services.

“With a rate of $ 71.87, I have to pay the rate [horaire de l’infirmière], If there is any overtime, transportation and accommodation … you understand that it does not work “, continues Mr. Mercier, who also runs a company dedicated to” establishing links “. [environ 4000] Self-employed workers and potential clients ”, AideXpress.

The founder urged the government to “treat all employment agencies and all members by extension” equally. “We understand the government’s idea of ​​using fewer agencies and then bringing people back into the health network, but the current machinery cannot do that,” Mr Mercier said.

RAPDS lost 50% of its professional members, not for the benefit of the CISSS and CIUSSS, but for agencies that were exempt from the epidemic rules decreed by the Minister of Health as the network was in orbit before March 2020. ” [Ces agences] Have the ability to ask for prices that do not respect orders, conditions that do not respect orders, which allows us to employ our world. For the government, it’s costly, it’s not about reducing staff migration from the health network, “said Richard Mercier, before discussing possible disruptions to services in the region if nothing is done.

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At present, it is difficult to understand why the Quebec government calls the Canadian Armed Forces and the Red Cross, but it is losing a few hundred self-employed workers who are members of the fifteen employment agencies it represents. “In the public sector, we understand that the image of agencies is not so good, but if the health network is currently facing challenges it is not because of us. “

The Red Cross is coming

Quebec’s appeal for help was heard at the Canadian Red Cross headquarters.

In fact, the humanitarian aid organization will send 300 service assistants – “service assistants” and experts in the prevention and fight of infections “in the coming days” to the Quebec Health Network, which has lost nearly 5,200 existing employees. They tested positive for COVID-19, waited for the result or refused sick leave because they refused to be tested. “It’s not December 25th,” said Carol du Salt, director of the Red Cross Communications Destiny. Most teams should be more deployed in long-term care centers and less in vaccination and screening centers, she said.

Increase the ranks established by Red Cross employees Medical professionals in Quebec, Members of the Canadian Armed Forces and individuals recruited through the I Contribution Platform, submitted 8,000 resumes in the “last days”.

In addition, the Quebec government has not yet disclosed the nature of the forces requesting from Ottawa. The regional minister for public safety, Genevieve Gilbolt, did not encrypt them in a letter she sent to the federal government on Tuesday. His colleague in health, Christian Dubey, was pleased to talk about the shortage of 500 vaccinators. Unions within the Health Network are reporting staff shortages in almost all areas. The Prime Minister at a press conference on Wednesday Franకోois Legalt “When it comes to the military, we’re talking about a few dozen people. So we managed without the army.”

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“We have no infinite resources,” his federal counterpart argued Wednesday. Justin Trudeau, At a press conference.

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