June 26, 2022

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CMJ: The Canadian attack is in full swing

CMJ: The Canadian attack is in full swing

No problem: The Canadian team successfully passed their only test before the start of the World Junior Hockey Championship, with a 6-4 victory over the Russian team in Edmonton on Thursday night.

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If Canada had actually played three pre-season games, Maple Leaf representatives would have already proved ready for the competition. As a preventative measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, go to hell with the other two components that have been discontinued.

Among Canadian players, Mason McTavish, an Anaheim Ducks prospect, quickly scored the first goal of the game in the power play. He fed Kent Johnson with an excellent lift pass, but their line-mate, Quebezer Maverick Bork, started the game.

McDowish completed his double at the end of the second period and was selected as a player for Canada.

If a warm-up match was used to test the composition of the lines, those formed by McDowish, Johnson, and Bork would remain intact.

Shortly afterwards, Ridley Gregg and Lucas Carmier also hit the target in the first period to give Canada an already 4-0 lead.

Connor Bedard, just 16 years old, finished Canadian team scoring, while Matvi Michkov, along with a pair of Semyon Demidov and Alexander Pashin were the Russian scorers.

Assist Mention for Kaiden Guhley

Team captain, Montreal Canadians prospect Kaiden Guhle assisted on McDowish’s second goal.

Young forward Shane Wright, the first draft favorite to be drawn in 2022, also ended the game with an assist on a Carmier goal.

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Following this warm-up match, Canada will open the tournament with the Czech Republic on Sunday. It should be noted that this structure also had to play a role in preparing for Thursday, but the conflict with Switzerland was canceled due to protocol for COVID-19.

In Group A, Canada will face the Czech Republic as well as Finland, Austria and Germany.

Garand or Cosa?

On the net for the Canadian team, Dylan Garand blocked 14 of the 15 puckers that aimed at Sebastian Kossa before giving him half way into the game. Kosa, for his part, looked bad by allowing three goals in 11 shots. Two goals are vying for the number one spot.

Earlier on Thursday, Garand signed a three-year entry deal with the New York Rangers, who drafted him into the fourth round in 2020.

– Quebec forward Elliott Desnoyers appeared to have injured his foot in the third period, but returned to the bench.

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