July 5, 2022

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Laurent Duwerne-Tordiff tested positive for Kovid-19

Laurent Duwerne-Tordiff tested positive for Kovid-19

After doing his part to fight the pandemic, Quebec football player Laurent Duverne-Tordiff, who is also a doctor, tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday. Decisively, it does not go to merit.

The New York Jets Color Bearer name is actually on the list of positively tested NFL players. Quarterback Joe Flaco also impressed in New York training, but head coach Robert Salah was also sidelined due to COVID-19.

One of Quebeckers’ favorite athletes, Duwerne-Tordiff, was named “Patriot of the Year 2020-2021” by the Montreal Society Saint-Jean-Baptist (SSJB) for his work outside the Earth on Wednesday. Pandemic.

Duvernay-Tordiff, a medical graduate from McGill University, chose to take a full break from football to help the Quebec health system in 2020, participating in CHSLD in Saint-Jean-Sir-Richelieu.

In early December, a journal poll, in collaboration with the Leger organization, crowned Duvernay-Tordife as the Quebec Sports Personality of the Year. Friendly footballer with 27% of the ballot, then tennis player Felix Agar-Aliasim (22%).

Hidden features?

Having “LDT” in the NFL COVID list does not prevent problems with the Goodell circuit. Some players are currently accused of covering up features to continue their season. However, they put other athletes at risk.

If there is no turnaround, Duvernay-Tordiff will miss the match between the Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars at Metlife Stadium this Sunday, as he is currently recovering from an ankle injury. Flaco will also be dropped as Jack Wilson is the team’s starting quarterback.

Duvernay-Tordiff was traded to the jets on November 2, when he was crowned Super Bowl champion in February 2020 with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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