March 1, 2024

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Kovid-19: 15 firefighters are alone in Lewis

The only gas station on the island of Anticosti on fire

As of Monday, 15 of the 180 firefighters in the Lewis City Fire Department were alone due to Kovid-19.

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Of this number, there are three positive cases and eight people are waiting for the result, a fire safety service spokesman confirmed.

Four firefighters were in administrative isolation for service after one or more members of their family bubble became infected with the virus.

No closed team

Patrick Valliers, chief of operations of the fire service, said there was no outbreak in his teams. “All of these are isolated cases, people with children or family members who have been infected with the virus,” he said.

Due to the waiting times for screening appointments, no firefighters were able to perform the PCR test. The so-called positive cases are detected using quick tests and must be verified at a screening center.

Since the first wave of Kovid-19 his service has introduced very strict health measures. Valliers recalled.

“We are in prevention mode from the first wave”, the service strictly monitors the appearance of symptoms in its employees and stressed that these isolated cases pose no risk to the security of the municipality.

Lewis firefighters also received their third dose of vaccine against the virus.

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