July 5, 2022

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NHL | Refund of Reserve Squads

NHL |  Refund of Reserve Squads

The National League and Players’ Association announced on Sunday that it was implementing new measures, including the return of reserve squads, to make life easier for teams under the current circumstances.

Catherine Harvey-Pinard

Catherine Harvey-Pinard

Reserve Team, or Flying Squad, or Taxi Squad On the English speaking side, last season was very useful. This allows teams to quickly access existing reserves in the Team Bubble in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. They train and travel with the team, but receive their salary from the American League.

The league said teams could use the reserve squads until the end of the All-Star game in early February and that they could have up to six players. Emergency recalls for minors are also permitted in the event that COVID-19-related absences prevent the team from playing the full roster.

Fewer than 64 games have been postponed this season due to COVID-19. The NHL has decided not to send its athletes to the Olympics, and will use the two weeks of February to resume these conferences. The return of the Flying Squads can continue the campaign without any hindrance.

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