March 27, 2023

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Strengthens Immunity to Virus Vaccines – La Nouvel Tribune

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Immunity to Kovid-19 continues to be a topic of research for researchers. In fact, according to a recent study by researchers in Oregon, United States, those who have been completely vaccinated against the Kovid-19 virus will develop specific immunity again.

The results were published in a report on December 16 Journal of the American Medical Association. Individuals from both groups participated in this study. The first group is related to those who are vaccinated but those who are infected with the virus are the same. The second is for patients who have been fully vaccinated, but have never been ill.

Strong immunity

As a result of these estimates, individuals in the first group developed very high levels of antibodies, which means an increase. ” 1000% and sometimes even 2000% Said one of those responsible for this study. This immunity also has the potential to withstand other variations. A similar immunity is seen in people who become ill with Kovid-19 before completing their vaccination schedules.

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