July 6, 2022

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Finland blocks the entry of unvaccinated foreigners

Finland blocks the entry of unvaccinated foreigners

Foreign travelers who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, even with a negative test, will not be able to enter Finland by Tuesday, the government announced to counter the wave of the Omicron variant.

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Only foreign travelers with a complete vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test who can prove a previous infection will be allowed to enter, the Interior Ministry announced after a government meeting.

A spokesman for the Border Guards confirmed to AFP that if they were under 16 or did not appear on the list of exemptions (residents of Finland, required workers, diplomats, etc.)

“Everyone must submit a vaccination certificate and a negative test within 48 hours, regardless of the origin of the foreign national,” Finnish border guard Tommy Kivenjuri told AFP.

When asked if non-vaccinated foreigners who did not benefit from the exemptions provided by the government would be denied entry into Finland, he replied: “Yes”.

The move, which came into effect at 2:00 pm GMT, will also affect EU citizens, those born before December 31, 2005, and those born before 2006.

Health and transportation personnel, persons with forced family reasons or in need of humanitarian assistance are also included in the list of exemptions, as well as border residents of municipalities in Sweden and Norway.

Finland announced last week that in order to stem the rise in COVID cases linked to the wave of the Omicron variant, all EU citizens and vaccinated travelers will be required to take a negative test from December 28.

However, the details were revealed after a government meeting in the afternoon.

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