June 26, 2022

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There is no question of slowing down on Austria

There is no question of slowing down on Austria

Following its first World Junior Hockey Championship victory, Team Canada Junior made some list changes in preparation for their game against Austria on Tuesday night.

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Speaking of which, the head coach of the team hopes to see his forces ride on the opposing team by displaying his true identity. He wants to see a fast and strong game.

“I loved our second period yesterday [dimanche], Explained the instructor who saw his team score two goals on the checks to take a 5-3 lead in this engagement. We are fast and firm, that is our identity. “

The coach stated that he liked to deploy a massive attack, without going to a slow start the day before.

It scored three goals, including two goals by defenseman Owen Power, who scored a hat-trick that is still talked about on Monday.

Dave Cameron changed his lines during the third period due to injury to winger Javier Borgolt.

Mavrik Bourque, Bourgault teammate with Shawinigan cataract, will replace him in the first unit Tuesday evening. He completes the pairing with Shane Wright and Cole Perfetti.

“Maverick is an amazing, talented and intelligent player who can run all the games. He works constantly and he plays in the corners of the rink,” Wright said, adding that he could also play on the wing with the arrival of Bork.

Brooch in front of the net

Brett Brochu was ordered to defend the Canadian cage against Austria, who were trampled 7-1 by Finland on Monday.

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“Brett is a great goalie. Cameron of the London Knights goaltender he faces in the OHL said he made every effort and he deserved a start. We want to use our depth in all positions. We made our decision for the first game and we are going with this for the second game. ”

In the Canadian dynasty, no one is afraid to look at the brooch in the goal. Defender Lucas Carmier raised his smallest size (6 feet), but it was especially difficult to overcome him.

“He exhibits incredible and flawless work ethic,” Perfetti added, adding that he also faced him at the OHL. He has always improved and his stats show it. “

In fact, Brochu was not only the most effective goaltender (.919) in the Ontario League in early December, but he also scored the best goals against the average (2.40) per game.

Cameron did not provide details on Javier Borgult’s health condition.