July 6, 2022

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Our Quebec in 2021 | The Journal of Montreal

Our Quebec in 2021 |  The Journal of Montreal

Year-end reviews Holiday Classics.

What can we learn from last year on local politics?

Epidemic management clearly monopolizes most of the powers of the CAQ government.

In 2018, when he came to power, Franకోois Legalt said he wanted to be prime minister of education.

It’s been a century, but who’s so stupid as to blame him for having to throw away his early priorities?


Almost every day tells us more about the mistakes made during this crisis.

The number of human beings, by comparison, prohibits display.

But the Quebecs do not hold it against the Prime Minister and they are generally right.

Since the problems of the health network did not come from yesterday, they are justified because the crisis is on an unprecedented scale and of an unknown type and the Prime Minister’s integrity is clear.

For the rest, the CAQ owes its absolute dominance over the political sphere to two basic conditions.

First, it is strong because the other parties are weak.

The PLQ in the French-speaking Quebec has become a thing of the past and it will be difficult to stand back there, as it will have to follow the anglophones and allophones that control it, which it does not necessarily like.

QS, despite Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’ attempts to make it appear less radical, remains an urban left-wing party whose program is disturbing to any moderate who finds it difficult to read.

PQ, it takes its history like a cross to be sad and wonderful at the same time.

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It is difficult to thrive politically when your primary goal is to hit the wall not once but twice.

But the CAQ is also strong, as it sits where the majority of Cubans live.

Quebecs are moderate in every respect: constitutionally, economically and socially.

Power, with us, is never far from the center. When you push your opponents back onto service roads, the freeway is yours.

Its rivals once wanted to portray the CAQ as the big bad wolf on the right who cuts social events.

It was once a ridiculous accusation and today it is laughable.


The moderation of the CAQ also appears in its nationalism.

The invented language version had nothing to do with reversing the French decline in Montreal, but the quaquist voters did not live in Montreal and did not measure the daily drama played there.

The CAQ occasionally irritates the English-speaking community, but does not confront it on essential issues.

Check out the already largest Dawson College expansion in Quebec and Royal Wick’s luxury gift to McGill, which is already downgrading all the other universities here.

Meanwhile, Quebec continues to lose influence in Canada. CAQ silence on this is not a policy for the future.