July 5, 2022

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Celebrities losses: which of a celebrity likes to lose everything on roulette?

At all times, as long as gambling entertainment exists, there have always been famous and rich people among those who loved to play roulette and cards. For example, Pushkin and Nekrasov, Dostoevsky and Mayakovsky were fond of gambling entertainment – each of them was a real avid gambler. Currently, nothing has changed: many athletes, show business stars, businessmen and entrepreneurs still spend their time at the table playing roulette.

Celebrities losses: which celebrities have repeatedly lost large amounts of money

Leonardo DiCaprio. This world-famous actor, who earns up to several million for shooting films, loves to relax and spend his free time playing poker and roulette. According to eyewitnesses of the actor’s visits to casinos, he sometimes behaves quite strangely: he can listen to music with big headphones during a game or just sit silently with his hands folded, as if he doesn’t really care what happens at a table. His maximum loss amounted to $50,000.

Garik Kharlamov. This comedian is known not only for having a unique sense of humor, but also for frequent visits to gambling establishments. A considerable number of fans of gambling entertainment, like Kharlamov himself, visit online casinos where they play on various slot machines, including erotic slots.

The total amount of this artist’s loss has long exceeded 5,000,000 rubles. During their life together, his wife did not really delve into why Garik spends so much time at the computer so often and so much. It was only when the divorce process began that she was able to see the bank statements and was very surprised by the amounts her ex-husband spent in virtual gaming.

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Michael Jordan. The famous basketball player of the past, who became a real symbol and idol of several generations, was a gambler. For example, during one of his visits to the casino, Michael spent more than $ 150,000 in Atlantic City, in 1993.

However, the loss of this amount did not become a record for the athlete, because he once made a bet with the former CEO of the San Diego sports Arena, Richard Eskinas. The amount of the bet exceeded $1,250,000, which he won from Jordan on bets on a golf event.

Pamela Anderson. The actress and model, in addition to her work, was also fond of gambling entertainment. It is known that she is an ardent fan of table games, including poker and roulette, so she was quite often a guest of the Las Vegas casino. According to some rumors, Pamela managed to spend a quarter of a million dollars one night – in just one day, the actress left more than $ 250,000 in the casino, which is simply impressive.

Ben Affleck. The actor, who gives the audience unique and high-quality films with his participation, has an irresistible addiction to poker and roulette. In an interview, he admitted that he was actually banned from playing in Las Vegas after he won a poker tournament in 2004.

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Despite his high level of professionalism, Ben was able to lose about $ 400,000 in one visit to the casino, and in one of the casinos they were left a tip in the amount of $ 150,000. Whether it’s a loss or not, everyone can count in their own way.

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Losses happen in the same way as winnings, because gambling, like any other, involves a winner and a loser. Not only famous people can boast of big winnings, but also ordinary people who were lucky at one time or another.