July 6, 2022

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Is Horacio Arruda really the right person for the job?

Is Horacio Arruda really the right person for the job?

Political analyst Emmanuel Lottrews did not share Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt’s view at all, reiterating his confidence in Horacio Arruda on Thursday.

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At least the argument that deserves discussion is, says Emmanuel Lotrovers.

“Mr. Arruda fell short of the need to start quickly with the demand of many with the third dose. He saw rapid tests,” said the political analyst.

The second person did not understand how Franకోois Legalt could justify Horacio Arruda with the current situation.

“The question is: why did we get to this point? It’s very hard to understand what Mr. Dubey said: ” You know, getting to the hospital is good. We’ve not lost control. We know we’ve going to be where we are now. ‘ Did not act. “

Due to some of Mr. Arruda’s positions, she believes that Quebec is more in “response” mode and always seems to be one step behind.

For example, Ms. said 15% of Cubans received their third dose. Lot Rovers points out, however, that it’s twice as fast as Ontario, a province with fewer hospital admissions than Quebec.

“Currently Quebec is not doing well in Canada,” she maintains.

To see the full analysis, watch the video above.

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