June 30, 2022

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Priced at less than 200, this inclined 165 Hz gaming screen is great

Priced at less than 200, this inclined 165 Hz gaming screen is great

If you are looking for a responsive gaming monitor for high performance, high demand video games, this offer may be for you. The Lenovo G27c-10 model offers the ideal features for gamers who have the advantage of being offered for less than 200 euros instead of the 319 euros requested on the manufacturer’s website.

Moniteur Gaming Lenovo G27c-10

Moniteur Gaming Lenovo G27c-10 // Source Lenovo

If a gamer is looking for the best parts to boost their PC, they also need a proper gaming monitor to go along with it, as it will make all the difference during your games. With the G27c-10, manufacturer Lenovo offers a responsive monitor that speeds up your reaction time and enjoys every detail of your favorite games so you never miss any decisive action for your success. It impresses players with its features, in particular With a discount of 120 euros.

What to remember about the AOC monitor

  • 27-inch FHD and 165 Hz VA panel
  • Curved shape to promote immersion
  • Fast response time, just 1 min
  • Bonus: Compatibility with AMD FreeSync

Displayed for 9 319, the Lenovo G27c-10 Gaming Monitor is available in promotion At 199 euros on the official website, Or an immediate reduction of more than 35%.

An FHD monitor is perfect, but it promotes immersion

Visually, this screen looks like most monitors. Lenovo chooses the G27c-10 classic look, but it is successful with thin edges, keeping in mind the look that is sober and sturdy. Ergonomic and customizable, it is possible to adjust its height, angle of rotation, curvature, swivel or wall to suit your needs.

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Additionally, you will enjoy better visual comfort due to its 1500R tilt which guarantees better immersion in the game. This PC screen is not without errors. We can blame it for its 27-inch VA panel that only displays the full HD definition (1920 x 1080 pixels), but most monitors offer QHD. Despite everything, the screen offers good image quality with rich colors and a beautiful brightness of 350 cd / m².

Sturdy setup to play smoothly

The Lenovo G27c-10 is definitely not the brand’s top monitor, however, the curved 165 Hz panel should suffice for many gamers who want to enhance their performance or get more comfort. Therefore this monitor is effective for playing in good conditions and gaining fluid gameplay in all conditions.

Some games require good response as well as good reflexes – FPS type – hence Lenovo offers a responsive screen, thanks to the 1 millisecond response time to always be on time. Not only that, this monitor is also compatible with AMD FreeSync technology to capture sharp images and thus avoid tearing issues, resulting in image tearing and stuttering during your games. When it comes to screen connectivity, we find the bare essentials HDMI port and displayport input.

What are the best gaming monitors?

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