July 6, 2022

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Curfews are effective in some situations

Curfews are effective in some situations

Curfew is an effective tool, but it must be combined with other measures to combat the asteroid growth caused by the Omicron variant, which risks becoming “in trouble” very quickly, some experts say.

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“It simply came to our notice then. We need to talk about detention […] Other actions, we know it will be effective ”, D predictsR Donald Win, Infectiolog or CUSM.

The government on Thursday re-announced a statewide curfew. Not surprisingly, experts believe that a “rigorous” measure is needed depending on the “extreme” health condition.

“Curfew is limited when people gather. The fewer contacts we make, the more likely we are to reduce pollution, ”said Roxanne Borges da Silva, a professor of public health at the University of Montreal.

It’s a situation-appropriate measure, “but it certainly takes more than that,” said Christian Jacob, president of the Association des Microbiologists du Quebec.

Because despite all the restrictions already in place, Quebec still tops the list of Canadian provinces with the highest number of cases and hospitalizations.

“We’re really in trouble. We need to break the social fabric […]. We are at 130 beds in our capacity. We will probably be flooded in a week, ”D warnedR Vinh.

The situation was exacerbated in November by a number of factors, such as relaxation of action, declining vaccine protection over time and non-adherence to action in specific age groups, he explained.

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“In a context where the population is facing a much higher transmissible variant, we’re talking about a perfect recipe. Unfortunately, this is not the cake I like to taste,” he lamented.

Quebec is also slow to detect variant presence, so it’s time to increase the virus curve.

“Ontario took action more quickly, but if they did not take drastic action, they would find themselves like us in two weeks,” Christian Jacob likened.

The province of Ontario is much more advanced than Quebec in its vaccine campaign, so it announced Thursday that it is launching a fourth dose for the elderly.

Other countries such as Ireland, India and Rwanda have already imposed curfews.

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