July 6, 2022

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The scientist says space colonists could turn into cannibals

With all the research being done on space travel, it is certain that humans will sooner or later succeed in landing on another planet or another moon in the solar system. But when it comes to living long, it’s a completely different story. According to some experts in the field, future settlers are more likely to have a food problem and all they have to do there. Cannibalism.

In an interview with Metro, Charles Cockell, a professor of astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh, discussed the challenges that astronauts face in their missions. He spoke specifically about attempts to colonize worlds such as Callisto, the moon of Jupiter, or Titan, the moon of Saturn.

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According to Kokel, if farming or ranch systems fail, the settlers will face dire consequences if they do not get regular food from the land. But if the colony in question is too far away or life on earth has collapsed, this solution is not possible.

History is in danger of repeating itself

To reinforce the idea he wanted to tell about cannibalism, Cockel provided the story Arctic exploration by Sir John Franklin in 1845. The unfortunate crew on this trip were actually cannibalized in an attempt to make a living.

Kokel explained that Franklin and his colleagues were aiming to find a northwestern route to reach the Arctic. Their boats were the most advanced technology at the time. They also have canned food with the latest technology. Despite everything, they got lost and turned into cannibals.

What is likely to happen in space

According to Kokel, if we send a group of astronauts to Callisto for example, things could go wrong and the module for planting food will not be repaired. Party members are devouring each other if there is no other way to survive in such a situation.

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While this is a very pessimistic assessment, there is still a lesson to be learned from the Cockle post. For example, settlers would have to test their cultivation systems on the Moon or Mars before moving to distant moons.

Currently, the next step in astronauts’ space exploration is to return to the moon. We have to wait a while before a possible manned mission to the moons of Jupiter or Saturn. Until then, let’s hope scientists find ways to keep the food supply safe to prevent space cannibalism.

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