June 28, 2022

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5 Best Moments of Infoman 2021

5 Best Moments of Infoman 2021

Every year, a final-year review by Jean-Rene Dufort and his colleagues Farewell, And generally sets the bar too high for the most-viewed show of the year. And Report 2021 Looking back twelve months as if they were skeptical, with a playful and playful tone, this is no exception to the rule.

You can find our impressions of here Bye Bye 2021 Here.

There are some amazing flashbacks as well as bringing back some dead or missing characters District 31, The year 2021 exploded symbolically with the help of the Canadian Armed Forces, the cover of the song “Give Me Roses” by Fernand Gignak, “Give Me Two Doses” on Damien Robitel’s piano and costume from Erin O ‘tool plan by Jean-Rene Duffort. And yet others caught our attention even more.

Here is our list of best momentsReport 2021.

1. “Turn the page”

The starting number for Renee Simard to revisit her hit “Turn the Page” (Their words were apparently changed somewhat for the good of reason) In addition to capturing the mood we all find collectively, set the tone perfectly. The singer, who recently celebrated his 50th career, is very happy to be participating in this number and allowing himself to be more than usual.

2. Third link.

The legend of the controversial third link is told to us through clips from the movie Ten Commandments Even the highlight of the evening. The heads of the major stakeholders in the political world were “perfectly” attached to those of the main characters in the 1956 film – Maurice Duplessis was still in power at the time. Good game, Infoman, Good game.

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3. of hair Chest Captain Patenade.

The idea of ​​laughing at the billionaires who recently went into orbit with a slightly lower budget is also very well implemented. See a photo of the cult character of Captain Patenad from the series In a galaxy near you The guy had two hairs cut straight from Jodoin’s torso, glued together and flying to the limits of the weather with the help of a meteorological balloon whose weight was worth its weight in gold.

4. Year in songs

One more time, Infoman Some of the highlights of the year can be summarized in a series of short parodies, which may be a phenomenon Got up In “Julie” Tune from Les Coloxus, Claude joins in talking about the setbacks of the Montreal Canadians in the “resettlement” of the late Amy Winehouse, the many challenges parents faced during the epidemic of Sia’s “cheap thrills” and the rise in timber prices. Delicious!

5. Franకోois Legalt

One of the best things a politician can do when he receives Jean-Rene Duforte in his office is to play with him and have a good time with self-mockery. The Quebec premiere is definitely something to understand. The latter stood out this year by meditating in front of a Maurice Duplessis photo, reviewing his verbal game with Gabriel Nadou-Dubois and commenting on Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett’s newly acquired emotions. Always cooperating good moments between the politician and the host.

You can watch or watch Infoman 2021 again on the ICI Tou.tv platform.