July 5, 2022

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Taiwan | The president called on China to end its “military adventurism.”

Taiwan |  The president called on China to end its "military adventurism."

(Taipei) At a time when tensions between Beijing and Taipei are at their highest level in years, the Taiwanese president on Saturday called on China to stop its “military aggression.”

Since President Tsai Ing-wen came to power in 2016, Beijing has increased its pressure on the Democratic Islands, believing that Taiwan is sovereign and not part of China.

In recent months, the Chinese military air force has made record infiltrations into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIS).

Beijing officials must “put an end to the military’s courageous deployment in their ranks,” M said.Me Speaking on the occasion of the New Year, Tsai said, “Using military means to resolve differences between our two parties is definitely not an option.”

Sees the island of Beijing as a rebel province, forcibly reuniting with the mainland if necessary.

In his New Year’s speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared for his part that “the complete reunification of our homeland is an aspiration shared by the people of China and Taiwan.”

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry warned in October that military tensions with China were at an all-time high of four decades.

In recent years, Beijing has also stepped up its efforts to isolate Taiwan on the international stage.

China regards any official statement by “independent” Taiwan as provocative and has repeatedly threatened consequences for countries that support Taipei for its self-determination.

Beijing has encouraged Taiwan’s shrinking diplomatic allies to switch sides.

Thus, three weeks after re-establishing diplomatic relations with that country, which had been interrupted since 1990, China reopened its embassy in Nicaragua on Friday.

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