July 5, 2022

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JD appointed Gaming Hope as AD Carry

JD appointed Gaming Hope as AD Carry

After 2021 disappointing in terms of results, JD Gaming used the transfer window to review its team composition for the LPL’s 2022 season. To finalize its lineup, Chinese construction hired Hope as a boatliner.

Hope takes place at La Botlane

JD Gaming is definitely one of the teams that has seen the biggest decline this year in the LPL League. The champions of the LPL Spring Split and the Vice-Champions of the Summer Split for the 2020 season had a very critical 2021 season, which ended last August, finishing 12th overall overall at the end of the season. Regular, 7 wins record for 9 losses. Kanavi and his teammates missed out this year, failing to qualify for the 2021 League of Legends Worlds.

With the level of play displayed throughout the year and the results achieved in the LPL league, it is clear that the time has come to make some changes in the club management lineup. One of the longest serving members of the JD gaming team, Korean boatman Lee “Locken” first announced the departure of Dong-Wook. After a brief stint at TOP Esports in 2019 after more than three years at JD Gaming‌, LokeN said goodbye to the company. LokeN, who joined the team in December 2020, has not been the only one to leave the company since the announcement of AD Carrie and liner Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun. Despite the form sometimes poor LokeN, Mystic did not start the year and set aside the entire 2021 season. Now 26 years old and facing personal issues related to his divorce and custody of his children, Mystic may return home to Korea for good and end his career as a professional player as some believe. A few days later, JD Gaming confirmed the termination of the contracts of Zhang “Zoom” Jing-Ron and Zhuo “LvMao” Ming-Hao, the second of which was recruited by TOP Esports and LNG Esports respectively.

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Recruitment Level, Chinese team welcomes 3 new recruits so far, including academic training; To complete its listing for the 2022 LPL season, JD hired gaming boy “369” Jia-hao (formerly TOP Sports), Lou “missing” Yun-feng (formerly Team WE) and die “Xiao17” Ying-ji. JD Gaming has also appointed a new head coach, Yoon “Male” Sung-Young. Home previously coached JD Gaming from May 2018 to November 2020 and after being absent for more than a year, he returned to JDG to do his role again. Shih, who left JD Gaming on December 2 and joined Bilibili Gaming as the company’s supervisor, was replaced by “Chashao” Yi-hao at home.

It remains only for JD Gaming to find a new boatliner for the next competitive season, and his choice will ultimately fall on 21-year-old Wong “Hope”, who trained in EDward gaming construction. , Has been playing for EDG Academy and the EDG Youth Team for almost four years. Hopefully Lee will replace “LokN” Dong-Wook, who left the team earlier in the off-season. Hope got his first start in the LPL in the Spring Split 2020 with EDG, unfortunately, he got some bad results; The team finished the regular season in 6th place and exited the second round of the playoffs via FunPlus Phoenix. The results of Summer Split 2020 were even worse, with EDG finishing 10th in the regular season and failing to qualify for the summer season playoffs. After this first experience in Chinese Elite, Hope returned to LDL with the EDG Youth Team. With JD Gaming, the Chinese boatman will have a new opportunity to prove himself in the LPL, to see how it will work with Missing, the support assigned in the final transfer window after spending three years in Team WE.

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